The nostalgic sky Beach line which can come across original scenery of Japan


The nostalgic sky Beach line which can come across original scenery of Japan

Tenryu Hamanako Railway of 67.7km in total length to run to Shinjohara Station that is prefectural border with Aichi via Tenryu-Futamata Station from Kakegawa Station, popular name "sky Beach line." We are popular as line that can come across rural district and clear stream, nostalgic original scenery including wooden station building of Japan. This article introduces the highlight along Kakegawa area.

Tenryu Hamanako Railway

As we are connected to JR line at Kakegawa Station, access is smooth, too. As there is not much number of trains, let's go out after confirming timetable. As there is the sky Beach line whole line to advantageous daily free tickets of getting on and off freedom, we utilize by all means (we sell at manned station window of Kakegawa, Enshu-Mori, Tenryu Futamata, Nishi-Kajima, Kanasashi, three days, Shinjohara) and.


gatagoto and running figure are nostalgic train of one formation in quiet scenery. There are many registration tangible cultural properties of country including retro station building and home.


Station building of tasteful Haranoya Station is often used for location of drama and movie.


Train leaves Kakegawa; and through Mori-machi to Tenryu of Hamamatsu-shi, the three days area. We see the shore of clear stream and Hamanako of Tenryugawa and there are many restaurant or cafes established in station building and can spend leisurely time.

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Shiseido art house, Shiseido company museum

We can enjoy art for walk feeling casually in the close present age


It is a 12-minute walk from Tenryu Hamanako Railway Kakegawa-Shiyakushomae Station. With entering a building is "Shiseido art house" to be able to enjoy art casually free while feeling rich green; is possession, exhibition with picture, sculpture in the after 1970s, about 1,600 points including craft mainly. We hold plan exhibition of various themes.


Let alone work, we can touch the novel world of art from column-shaped modern building, exhibit space utilized space in the close present age.


At adjacent company museum, we introduce Ayumi of Shiseido to date and product package, poster, advertisement, CM picture from founding of 1872.


It is in display contents reminding of Showa, fashion and culture of each time of Heisei in Meiji, the Taisho era.

※Under the influence of new coronavirus, we change closed day, opening time, display contents at one time

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stationery cafe konohi

Stationery cafe which retro atmosphere is settled down to


Stationery cafe of appearance such as elementary school which is classic immediately from Tenryu Hamanako Railway Ikoinohiroba Station. While it is wrapped in a feeling of retro air taking good care of good old thing, we can rediscover charm of tasteful stationery.


While when aging processes wall into building which did good old building which storekeeper imagines in form daringly, and there is space such as laboratory, being individual; comfort perfect score.
Senses line up well, and of course tasteful household articles can purchase notebook and pen, domestic and foreign retro stationery including letterset.


In cafe, homemade soup and set of bread to be replaced every season are recommended. Soup which we fully used seasonal vegetables for gradually warms mind and body.

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