Sacred place of traditional tea Kusaba agricultural methods! We go round village, Higashiyama districts of "tea letter"


Sacred place of traditional tea Kusaba agricultural methods! We go round village, Higashiyama districts of "tea letter"

"Tea Kusaba agricultural methods of Shizuoka" authorized to world agriculture inheritance are traditional agricultural methods to spread tea grass which we cut between tea plantation. The Higashiyama district whole area of Kakegawa-city continues protecting these agricultural methods for more than 150 years. The good soil grows up, and rich fragrance and the tea ceremony of taste are enacted, and tea Kusaba who is treasure house of living thing and plant that it is unusual. We introduce recommended spot of Higashiyama district where such an original scenery of Japan spreads through.

Awagatake world agriculture inheritance tea Kusaba terrace

It is breath in spite of being view relievedly at terrace seat of cafe in superb view

Sacred place of tea which continues protecting tea Kusaba agricultural methods that Higashiyama, Kakegawa-shi district with mountain, Awagatake of "tea" to consider expressway to be running, and to get letter is traditional more than 150 years. As both foot and mountaintop have parking lot in Awagatake of 532m above sea level, it recommends to be given by way of hiking on foot (one-way about one hour). While as width of road is narrow, in the case of car, being careful about driving; slowly.

Building which "strode", and imaged o of tea grass that "Awagatake world agriculture inheritance tea Kusaba terraces" which opened in the mountaintop in May, 2019 line up in tea plantation in ... winter in autumn. Wood from Kakegawa is used, and atmosphere of the sum is settled down.

From fine-view terrace, we overlook Mount Fuji, Suruga Bay, the Southern Alps including beautiful tea plantation.
Fine-view terrace and gallery space are at cafe restaurant and picture theater, 2F of tea Kusaba agricultural methods at 1F.

"We stride and "we do not meet, cook and, in cafe which refreshing wind goes through, can enjoy beef curry" or tea set other than lunch" noted product.

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Awa Shinto shrine

Mysterious power spot that is overwhelmed in solemn huge stone group

Venerable Shinto shrine where it is said that "Awa Shinto shrine" at the Awagatake mountaintop was founded for 736 years. ahahi*mei where we grant, and child is God of easy delivery is enshrined deity.

Hiking course is maintained and can take a walk through the natural monument-designated precincts forest of the prefecture in solemn atmosphere full of nature. There is "iwaza" that God descended, and we are overwhelmed by neighboring huge stone group and Oki.

There is hole called "hell hole" between one of the Enshu seven wonders, "well trace of ceaselessness" said to that any greed filled "bell of ceaselessness" to grant and huge stone group and is wrapped in mysterious air.

When shrine office receptionist is 9:00-17:00, but hope for sealed letters issued by a shogun, certain prior contact (may be rarely absent).

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Higashiyama ippuku toko

Specialty local including Higashiyama tea in a row. Break & souvenir is here!

Shop in the foot of Awagatake. Including Higashiyama tea of deep steaming, we sell local fresh vegetables or handmade side dish. Openhearted staff tells the neighboring highlight brightly.

There are several kinds Higashiyama tea every time and can sample. We should be totally surprised at taste with taste such as soup stock. We will be used to taste preference.

Package is pretty, too, and Higashiyama tea is good to souvenir.

Small yokan and teacakes such as tea steamed buns are popular, too. As chair is prepared outside shop, let's enjoy local taste by way of break. Relief, fatigue of trip are healed by hokkoritoshita air, too.

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