We mention teaching of Kinjiro Ninomiya in historical grand hall "Japan Hotoku company"


We mention teaching of Kinjiro Ninomiya in historical grand hall "Japan Hotoku company"

The head office of nationwide organization aiming at the spread of "teaching of Hotoku" that "Japan Hotoku Corporation" is very close to Kakegawa-jo Castle, and Kinjiro Ninomiya proposed. When by "teaching of Hotoku" being heart to repay virtue for ancient people and parent, thanks, virtue for the neighborhood, and working hard every day, could live wealthily materially mentally, we persuaded. Other than grand hall of country-designated important cultural property, valuable cultural assets building for the grand Meiji period including a part of the removed and rebuilt Arisugawa shrine's house remains a lot.

Japan Hotoku Corporation

Kinjiro Ninomiya who is famous for bronze statue of boyhood to work hard at study while carrying firewood on the back.
We repeat steady efforts and make an effort for revival and economic development of farm village of various parts of Japan based on "teaching of Hotoku" consisting of four pillars called "single-minded devotion" "work" "share degree" "*yuzuri" since childhood until later years.
This thought is inherited by businessmen on behalf of modern Japan and in late years gathers interest from foreign countries.

Because we received teaching from Kinjiro directly and Ryoichiro Okada who became leader was from Kurami, Kakegawa-shi and pushed forward farm village revival of Kurami, this, telling spread from Kakegawa to the whole country.
By visit of grand hall, guide broadcast about achievement of President Daidai that we took teaching of Kinjiro Ninomiya, the next on drifts.

Very precious culture facilities called building which is oldest for wooden public hall where grand hall (country-designated important cultural property) built in 1903 (Meiji 36) exists.
Including roof of Japanese tile, outer wall of the plaster coating, Western-style window is solemn, and become tasteful semi-Western style building and is felt "tree" and culture of "the sum" that Kakegawa-city values.

Large hall of 81 tatami is on the first floor, and regular assembly or lecture are held, and book of the first Prime Minister, Hirobumi Ito handwriting is raised on the second floor, too.

As there is statue of Kinjiro Ninomiya of famous boyhood in grand hall, we will think about teaching of Kinjiro and the life.

A part of the Arisugawa shrine's house where command virtue seminary was removed and rebuilt. With a few precious buildings of the existing Imperial Court architecture, it becomes Shizuoka designated cultural assets.

*sano (we chase Tanzan) memory Hotoku library where it was built in 1927 (Showa 2) that we could see over there of statue of Kinjiro Ninomiya. With precious building conveying library style of the past in now, this becomes Shizuoka designated cultural assets, too.

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