New product using traditional industry "kudzu" of Kakegawa comes up one after another


New product using traditional industry "kudzu" of Kakegawa comes up one after another

"Kudzu" which is known as special product of Kakegawa. We are used as arrowroot cloth and kudzu starch gruel and are popular as souvenir mainly. New products using kudzu are produced to utilize this kudzu more. Including healthy medicinal herb curry using kudzu and tea, we introduce kudzu jelly with Matcha, sake using kudzu flower yeast.

<medicinal herb> Kakegawa curry

"U.K. mountain" former Tokaido post town, processed tea company in Hisaka, Kakegawa-shi; ga "Kakegawa curry" which produced.
Using lactic fermentation tea and kudzu nokukito leaf, Chinese food "Chinese phoenix" with qualification of international medicinal herb cook total chef de cuisine is healthy in earnest medicinal herb curry that Okabe was in charge of recipe development.

In spice with high fragrance and easy Asian taste by herb, nice smell of tea and eloquence of lactic acid bacterium become habit.

This kudzu jelly [green] with Matcha (summer-limited product)

"U.K. mountain", this is Kakegawa powder tea of deep steaming and jelly which it is fragrant and added high domestic Matcha to to sweet satotoromino kudzu which is easy with niyoru product, too.
We can enjoy good light aftertaste and texture that is full of cool air in summer.

Root of kudzu which is used for Chinese medicine is said to be "Pueraria Root", and digestion and nourishment absorption are good, too, of summer heat and body, appetite that was tired from when there is not; recommendation.
※Summer-limited product

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Village of kudzu

"Doi brewing place" that remains traditional sake brewer using founding, spring of high Tenjin Castle in 1872. "Good luck" that wishes you every prosperity, and was named of local Konuki village is known as famous sake representing Shizuoka nationwide.

Liquor "village of kudzu" which we taught in yeast of flower of kudzu and homarefushi of liquor rice from Shizuoka. Did well powerfully; drink, and meet.
It is pleasant to compare by drinking with "good luck" of refreshing, light taste.

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