Craft beer "Kakegawa beer" utilized special product of Kakegawa-city is born!


Craft beer "Kakegawa beer" utilized special product of Kakegawa-city is born!

Small brewery "KAKEGAWA FARM BREWING" which was born in Sakanacho, Kakegawa-shi in May, 2018. We brew beer using strawberry "rouge cheeks" born in kiwi and melon, green tea, roasted tea, Shizuoka that are local ingredients. Beer which is fragrant, and is high in fragrance using the first picked tea of this year of Kakegawa comes up for a limited time. Around Kakegawa Station, we introduce three wonderful shops which "Kakegawa beer" can taste with delicious dishes.


Store specializing in craft beer of the "KAKEGAWA FARM BREWING" direct management. We tap and, other than 3 "Kakegawa beer" taps, always prepare beer of Japan and all the countries of the world 7.

The popular highest grade sausage, buffalo chicken, homemade smoking, spicy shrimp salad, menu which is good to beer from system to snacks a whole bunch including seasonal ahijo are satisfying in United States Portland.

The shop can drop in with lively atmosphere casually brightly from counter to seat at a table.

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Sakanamachi Food Bar SAL

The third-floor full-scale stylish dining bar fitted with glass of building same as "BUCKET HERE." There is big telescreen and swells by watching sports.

Other than beer, type of wine, cocktail, shochu, whiskey, sake and liquor is abundant, too. We can enjoy liquor leisurely while atmosphere such as hideout of adult being attractive, and sitting down on sofa, and looking at night view.

Other than ham and sausage of popular shop "Oishi farm ham studio" of Kakegawa-city, fish & Tips, white wine steaming of mussels are recommendation.

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Funny farm

Cafe in compound facilities "uitasu 138 store" at the Kakegawa Station north exit. We can taste dishes with full of vegetables which local farmers brought up. Lunch orders main dishes, drink station, buffet of salad bar.

Today's muffin is recommended in cafe time, too. Some coffee and food menus OK takeout. We gather from real coffee and soft drink to beer, sour, wine, cocktail abundantly, and one which is available in the wide scene is glad.

We transform ourselves into tapa dishes-centered BALS tile at night. Other than pasta and pizza, we can enjoy raw ham, anchovy potato, marinade with full of vegetables, cheese onion dip.

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※This information is thing as of August, 2019. Publication contents including business hours, regular holiday, menu, price may be changed. Please confirm before the use in shop, facilities.