[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We sneak into Kakegawa-jo Castle with costume of ninja?


[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We sneak into Kakegawa-jo Castle with costume of ninja?

Kakegawa-jo Castle palace where the Kakegawa-jo Castle castle tower rebuilt with wooden construction and building more than 150 years ago are just left. It is tourist attraction that can feel the times when there was samurai here. If we change into clothes of ninja and go around the inside of a castle, we can enjoy time trip easily.

I experienced!


Nepalese native place.
Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University fourth grader. We learn politics in social subject. Shizuoka is the eighth year. We have been to temple and Shinto shrine, but this is the first time to look at castle.

We become ninja, and samurai observes fighting castle

It is a 7-minute walk from JR Kakegawa Station. There is Kakegawa-jo Castle in place that became slightly higher. We thought that the gate which entered castle was totally like Shinto shrine.
When it was called the age of civil strife in Japan in around 1473 that castle was built in Kakegawa first. Afterwards, in around 1513, Kakegawa-jo Castle was built in the current place. It is military commander called Kazutoyo Yamanouchi in vassals of Hideyoshi Toyotomi who was man of power of those days that made the castle tower for the first time.
Afterwards, the castle tower collapsed by earthquake and finished duty as castle at the time of Meiji Restoration without being rebuilt. The castle tower which we observed was rebuilt with wooden construction now in 1994.

We entered Kakegawa-jo Castle and had, at first, you help put on clothes of ninja. As people in staff helped clothes to put on obi, and to put to hand and leg, you cannot have worn kimono. Finally it is transformation completion if we put on cowl (cloth to bind head with) and cover face.
Oneself who became ninja look is like different person. Old ninja thought war whether you protected Kakegawa-jo Castle with this appearance.

On 3 first Sunday, guide dressed in ninja is in Kakegawa-jo Castle and explains history and structure of castle free every month. Weekdays need reservation.

Because fog breeds in well which was under the castle tower from here in the old days and protected castle from attack of enemy, it is called "fog artesian well". It was dug about 500 years ago, and it is the third deepest in Japan, and there is 45m, too. Water sprang out and saw water even now toward the bottom when we looked in the inside. As we shut ourselves up in here when we fought, water seemed to be very important.

Sword and spear broken on the stone wall of the castle tower were put. This is to prevent ninja from penetrating. Ninja steals into castle and mansion unlike samurai in secret. That's why such a defense was necessary.

We borrow gun which guide had and take a ceremonial photograph. Pause, are you selected?

We finally enter the castle tower. We look like 3 stories from the outside, but the inside is 4 stories. When enemy attacked, one with high height of one step of stairs than common house is to interfere with being arrested.
When opening was established in the four corners of floor in the first floor, and enemy attacked, we dropped stone from here and attacked. Under the floor, warehouse putting offensive stone and food in is made.

Kakegawa-jo Castle seems to be registered with one of the Japanese 100 people Castle. Guide told that protection power to prevent attack and invasion of enemy was evaluated. As we used the castle tower only at the time of fight, it did not seem to be place where people lived in. 95% of wood used for the rebuilding use tree called "hiba" which they carried from Aomori. It seems to be said that we might have carried wood in old days using river flowing through bottom immediately of castle from the mountains of Kakegawa.

It is scenery to show from the castle tower. Originally we feel that we look down from the top floor as it is castle made in high place highly at all. In the outside, town looks wide from window far, and and Kakegawa Station, Kakegawa-city government office are seen in figure of Mount Fuji when it is fine.
Cloud appeared on that day and unfortunately did not see Mount Fuji.

Guidance of sound guide and video guide of Youtube was in the castle tower.

More than 150 years when lord of castle lived to old palace

When we went out of the castle tower and walked garden, souvenir picture was asked for by tourist. With guide, we asked to take photograph. It is feeling that became genuine ninja.

We go to see Kakegawa-jo Castle palace which is next to the castle tower next time. Kakegawa-jo Castle palace is "castle palace" built from 1855 through 1861. With thing valuable at all which feudal lord meets with people in official residence of lord of feudal lord = castle, and building which worked just remains, it is to important cultural property of country. It was used as school and office after the times of samurai were over. It is place feeling history very much.

We are divided into some rooms in building, but are room which one with high formality used above all most because feudal lord meets high people in social position. Here, we decided pose of ninja and took photograph. Genuine ninja might never do such a thing.

It is place called earthen floor that samurai having low social position puts most. Though there was not floor, we were surprised that soil remained intact in the bottom. Room to put by difference in social position is decided and is different in structure of room, too. It seems to have been complete vertical society distributed with social position in the Edo era.

Weapon which was used when we fight in the old days is displayed. Spear (spear) seems to be thing with knife in point of slim stick. There was matchlock (old gun), too. All genuine.

"kawaya" is "river" and reading, restroom. What remain while there were five in total only in one restroom for exclusive use of feudal lord. It did not seem to be allowed to employ subordinate. We were not able to look at the inside.

There was souvenir section at entrance of Kakegawa-jo Castle palace. Popular souvenir is magnet and safe-conduct using photograph of Kakegawa-jo Castle. Ninja goods form a line, too. As I was interested, we bought T-shirt of Kakegawa-jo Castle and clear file to think.

There was something like pond when we go out, but this is a part of "moat" made around the castle tower in the old days. It interfered with being attacked from enemy in this. There was model made with earthenware and how the whole of castle turned out and just knew.


This was the first time to have entered castle of Japan. It seems to have been different and can readily never imagine old fight of Japan now. Ninja is different from samurai in duty, and it is ninja that is not usually included in the public eye. But it was very pleasant to have been able to speak appearance of ninja. Tea-ceremony room called "the outworks of a castle teahouse" is in Kakegawa-jo Castle and seems to be able to have tea and cake. We want to taste slowly this time because we hear that tea of Kakegawa is delicious.


●Facilities name/Kakegawa-jo Castle castle tower, Kakegawa-jo Castle palace
●Address/1138-24, Kakegawa, Kakegawa-shi
●Operating hours/9:00-17:00 (as for the entering a building ... 16:30)
●Regular holiday/no rest
●Entering a building charges/public 410 yen, small, junior high student 150 yen (common throughout the castle tower, palace)

[Kakegawa-jo Castle ninja makeup experience]
●Kuo "bamboo crest" of reception desk/Kakegawa-jo Castle
●Address/1200-1, Kakegawa, Kakegawa-shi (next to Kakegawa-jo Castle)
●Operating hours/9:00-17:00
●Regular holiday/no rest
●Entering a building charges/100 yen for adults, small, junior high student 50 yen, ninja makeup experience two hours 1,000 yen

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