Izunokuni oldness and exhibition opening event reverberatory furnace beer garden

①Izunokuni oldness and exhibition opening event
②Reverberatory furnace beer garden
 Craft beer of Izunokuni pride, craft beer eight kinds (beer one cup 500 yen)
 Of Izunokuni is delicious
Storehouse shop Narusawa craft beer, GKB IZU VILLAGE Izunokuni beer 500 yen, etc.
123-so sweetfish rice, Maeda beautification strawberry smoothie, crepe shop LinoLino crepe, deep-fried Australian artisan skewer, spicy oil pickles, Frankfurt of gizzard, Izu honesty cook society cold soba, Nitto stock raising Izu deer curry bread, Frankfurt, Community Revitalization Aid soft drink including Izu deer Vienna sausage, FM izunokuni satellite broadcast

Ticket, *50 set of cash combination one set 1,000 yen (one piece of 500 yen, 100 yen five pieces)
We register in - Izunokuni oldness and exhibition site at 9:00 on ticket Tuesday, May 7
 There is ticketing that there is present in for prior subscriber on that day
③Stage event (we announce activity of local everybody) ※Each group 20 minutes 
 ・Izu SS Fra team (sanyuu)
 ・Izunokuni-shi leading preservation society
 ・There is not theatrical company; dream
 ・WOODHILLS (jazz)
④Let's burn bamboo
Lawn open space, about 500 bamboo light roude decoration including table of beer garden