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Izunokuni panorama park izunokunipanoramapaku Address: 〒 410-2211 260-1, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka Phone055-948-1525 Izunokuni panorama park It is skywalked 1,800m in total length, about seven minutes to the Mt. Katsuragi mountaintop of 452m above sea level by ropeway.
"Katsuragi coffee" and "premium lounge" which opened newly on space "Fujimi terrace" which relaxes while enjoying superb view "sofa area" can thoroughly enjoy large panorama which there is "stone tension area", and can overlook Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay from each area. 360-degree vast panorama overlooking Mount Fuji spreads from observation deck at the mountaintop and can enjoy footbath and athletic. There is buffet restaurant where we made use of good luck of Izu in at the foot of a mountain. It is facilities which public wireless LAN "IZUNOKUNI FREE Wi-Fi" is available to.

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