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Navel Izu strawberry factory of Roadside Station Izu michinoeki izunoheso izuichigofakutori Address: 〒 410-2315 195-2, Takyo, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka Phone・Izu strawberry factory, navel shop of Izu, village station Izu: 0558-99-9300 Navel Izu strawberry factory of Roadside Station Izu Shizuoka is straight production center of top-class strawberry in the whole country. It is Izunokuni-shi that is proud of the prefecture eminent amount of production above all!
Japanese and Western sweets of strawberry enjoy this time, and store specializing in strawberries "Izu strawberry factory" opens to navel of Roadside Station Izu!
We can enjoy strawberry sweets ranging from Western confectionery to Japanese confectionery.
In navel shop of Izu village station Izu, we can buy wide products such as special products of Shizuoka, Izu such as local vegetables and fruit, shiitake, wasabi, cherry tree prawns, tea.

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