We pick up Izunokuni brand authorization product!


We pick up Izunokuni brand authorization product!

"Izunokuni brand" which Izunokuni-city Society of Commerce and Industry authorizes as special product of Izunokuni-city under the theme of "my town charm rediscovery." Charm gem that seems to be Izunokuni including thing which imaged cake using strawberry from hometown, hot spring steamed bun, craft beer, famous place of Izunokuni until the end of is prepared. From "Izunokuni brand" that there is number this time, we pick up some products!

▼The details about "Izunokuni brand" are this▼

Izunokuni-city Society of Commerce and Industry "Izunokuni brand"

Steam; confectionary

In well-established confectionary which chipped ice of the summertime is famous for, Izunokuni brand authorization product is prepared in diversity, too.
Semicircular cake which "hansharokano" (canon) reflecting the image of reverberatory furnace was pastry with bamboo charcoal and chose to black sesame anto white ano parcel, ball of cannon.

Cake "Shiroyama" (joyama) reflecting the image of strength of Shiroyama who was authorized in Izu Peninsula Geopark. We cover steamed bun with a very thin covering with brown sugar with walnut and express steep bave rock of Shiroyama.

Cake of high quality "young ayu of the Kano River" that won honorary gold medal at the 17th whole country cake exhibition. Sweetness reserve emeno black angatsumatteiru using adzuki bean from Hokkaido with monaka of form of sweetfish.

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tsuzu beauty hot-bath resort garden Izunagaoka station square store

Japanese-Western style confectionary in front of Izu-Nagaoka Station. We select carefully and handcraft material including strawberry and adzuki bean carefully one by one.
In sweetness that hot spring steamed bun did well, subtle saltiness worked; go, and wrap bean jam in skin of soft with moisture.

"Cannon roll" is impact perfect score of appearance! Cloth is soft with moisture. We sell bean jam containing whole beans, adzuki bean, chestnut, Matcha, slice size that there are five kinds of strawberry. Strawberry winds up jelly using local rouge cheeks.

Go over "strawberry Daifuku" using strawberry from hometown with bean jam containing whole beans; two kinds of bean jam. We adopt in bean jam clogged up tightly and fresh morning, and acidity of strawberry produces exquisite harmony.

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Do not look at handmade tofu; complaint

Tofu which flavor of soybean to make with soybean and natural water of Izunagaoka selected carefully is rich in is long-established store of reputation.
Silk tofu which feels soybean original mellow sweetness that "clear water" of Izunokuni brand authorization was particular about soybeans from Hokkaido and natural groundwater.

In addition, tofu, tofu-like sesame paste which it is sleety, soybean milk pudding, various tofu products including raw Yuba are prepared. Ice-cream cone with soybean milk of simple taste is popular.

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Storehouse shop Narusawa reverberatory furnace beer restaurant "homura"

Microbrewery "reverberatory furnace beer" which is adjacent to Nirayama reverberatory furnace. We assume Tarozaemon Egawa, Yoritomo Minamoto, Masako Hojo, great man and culture, history related to Izu including Soun Hojo material and brew beer which we linked.

In grilled restaurant "homura", we can taste reverberatory furnace beer with local brand meat and gibier dishes. We want you to taste meat to grill in lava roaster which does not miss meat original taste from Miyakejima with reverberatory furnace beer.

"Four kinds of trial sets" (for each 150 ml) which finishes comparing by drinking taste and fragrance of four kinds of reverberatory furnace beer are recommended.

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