Harmony with seasonal nature is wonderful! Mount Fuji view spot of Izunokuni-city


Harmony with seasonal nature is wonderful! Mount Fuji view spot of Izunokuni-city

Mount Fuji which was registered with world's cultural heritage. With many spots to see to range in Izunokuni-city neatly, moreover, costarring with neighboring nature, "double world heritage with Nirayama reverberatory furnace is scenery only in Izunokuni, too". It is recommended to make a round trip of leisurely while making cycling.

Izunokuni panorama park

Is about seven minutes on ropeway; to the Mt. Katsuragi mountaintop of 452m above sea level. On "Fujimi terrace" which was maintained to enjoy Mount Fuji slowly, there is cafe to be able to enjoy sweets and meal while looking at superb view other than observation deck and sofa.

As there is bed in relaxing premium lounge (it requires reservation pay) for private room sense on day, we lie down and can look at Mount Fuji and can spend time when we are elegant and are luxurious.

We soak in footbath leisurely while watching magnificent scenery to expect Mount Fuji, Suruga Bay, cityscape of Izunokuni-city, and there is buffet restaurant of taste full loading of Izu in the foot, too.

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Moriyama Nishi Park

We overlook Mount Fuji and rural scenery of Nirayama district from observation deck at the mountaintop. There are bench and table, too and can spend time leisurely. Perfect spot where cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji of "Kano River Sakura Park" that is adjacent at time of cherry blossoms from late March through early April are seen in at the same time.

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Storehouse shop Narusawa

Compound facilities "storehouse shop Narusawa" adjacent to Nirayama reverberatory furnace. We can taste grilled dishes and craft beer such as meat or vegetables in grilled restaurant "homura".

From tea plantation in site, we can look at Nirayama reverberatory furnace and double world heritage of Mount Fuji and can enjoy tea picking experience in autumn in spring for (the mid-September and the end of October) with (the late April and the end of June). At the best location to be able to come across only here, green of tea plantation is beautiful, too.

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Leech ka Island Park

Place where Yoritomo Minamoto defeated by Kiyomori Taira in revolt spent 20 years from 14 years old to 34 years old to raise an army of Heiji. Statue of Yoritomo and Masako Hojo "couple (two) of leech ka island" of young day to snuggle up towards Mount Fuji, and to stand is put up.

Historical Museum and teahouse are in site, too, and break is most suitable even if we spot.
There is monument of matchmaking under the tree of nagi. We are strong, and it is said that leaf of nagi which is hard to be cut is lucky, and it is said that Yoritomo and Masako had as proof of lasting love.

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In addition, Fujimi spot is full!

There is canola flower field in "Nirayama strawberry picking center", and bright yellow canola flower and contrast of Mount Fuji covered with snow are beautiful in spring.

Summer scenery from Mount Fuji soaring over there of the Kano River and Sokouji district where the clear sky is beautiful blue. Scenery that it is calm, and heart softens like Izunokuni-city.

Pastime that gives poetic charm (the late November and early January) winter as for the scenery that Japanese radish is cultivated in land of fertile trass in Tanakayama district, and Japanese radish is dried in one side backed by Mount Fuji. Traditional "Tanakayama pickled radish" to cook by hand is popular using this dried Japanese radish.


In Izunokuni-city that cycling in Kano riverside is prosperous, service of rent-a-bicycle is fulfilling. As cycling map is prepared at the source for rent, let's enjoy refreshing trip while looking at Mount Fuji.

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