[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] In kimono in geisha feeling ♪ We observe lesson of geisha in Izunagaoka geisha agency


[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] In kimono in geisha feeling ♪ We observe lesson of geisha in Izunagaoka geisha agency

Izu Nagaoka Onsen where high quality hot spring breeds in. Taste of traditional hot-spring resort remains when it misses some big streets. After having observed lesson of dance of geishas in the Izunagaoka geisha agency in one angle, we tasted geisha feeling in dressing experience of kimono.

I reported!

*sansan (the in sun sun)
We are from Shangdong, China. Beginner for master of University of Shizuoka international relations graduate course. As for just after the visit to Japan, Shizuoka-city is resident in Fujinomiya-shi now. Country goodwill ambassador of wisteria.

In Nagaoka geisha agency which was geisha school in old days, we observe lesson of dance

It arrives at Izunagaoka geisha agency in slightly secluded place of hot-spring resort of Izunagaoka. Wooden signboard called "authorized Shizuoka geisha school" was raised at the entrance. It seemed to be school of geisha in old days when we heard as we were interested. Only Kyoto and Izunagaoka seemed to have in the whole country. It is not school anymore now. Though old building of Japan was old, it was beautiful. Lesson ground of planking the floor was innermost.

Five geishas gathered on that day and observed when they took a lesson of dance to samisen and long song. This is the first time to have seen dance of Japan. Though traditional manners were serious and did not know, it seemed to be Japan, and foreigner was able to observe with fascination very much.

It is person with carrier among geishas of Izunagaoka most that plays the samisen and seems to be 95 years old. Art career is around 80 years. It was old, but there was tension for voice to sing long song very well.

"There is season to dance. Today's long song was called "willow of bank" and told, we sang summer scenery. Therefore we seem to dance with round fan. There is lesson elsewhere on lesson day of musical instrument called "musical accompaniment with instruments" including drum in around six days in month. Geisha raises lessons in geisha agency on one day.

Wooden tallies which the name of geisha was written on formed a line on wall of lesson ground. There seemed to be geisha of 400 in old days when it was a lot. There are 17 people, and the youngest geisha seems to be 19 years old now. Place such as company to belong to says "brothel", and there are geishas in Izunagaoka six now. And we are dispatched at inn, hotel of the city and neighborhood and seem to show art.

We asked to take souvenir picture with geishas when lesson was over.

In kimono, we tasted geisha feeling a little bit

After having observed lesson, we had you help put on kimono. Though we have worn, kimono is the first yukata. Do you look good? We were really impressed to let you wear geisha nomutsumisanga if this was the first time to wear tabi and was troubled with how to wear. Though we had seen how many degrees figure which wore tabi of Japanese people was, we did not know what it was. We wore by oneself, and it was able to be understood for the first time saying "tabi is such a thing".

Music instrument called hand drum (tsuzumi) decorated with flower with pinkness is described kimono which I chose in. As what chose this thought that we were just pretty. Not only dance but also kimono had season and, by season, was taught if color and pattern, cloth for kimono were different.

We finally dress. As we wore genuine kimono for the first time, we were very glad. Though it knew, it did not think that it was so complicated that way of wearing was more difficult than yukata. It is worn alone, and there is not so either. We put on long undergarment (nagajuban), kimono and, in underwear, wear. As we were not used to tying up with many strings first, we felt slightly cruelly. Finally we put on obi.

The back grew tight, but feeling became comfortable when getting used a little. mutsumisanto was same and decided to stand in lesson ground like point. We heard various stories while having you prepare kimono carefully.

Thing when you paint with face powder which we have seen in photograph, "make up with face powder when we go at inn and hotel" if we hear. We do not seem to make up at the time of everyday exercise so much.

Afterwards, we learned mutsumisanni, way of holding fan or basic dancer by dance only a little. At first, it was not easy though we thought as for "having" when we actually did! Though how to return of the hand was difficult and was taught many times, we did not readily do well. After all, basic dancer of dance should practice how to put centers of gravity of body properly, too.

Pretty decoration Japanese-style at the entrance of Izunagaoka geisha agency. This is what's called hanging young bird. Such a work thing thought that it seemed to be Japan and took photograph here. After this, we had you take to Kona villa particularly nearby.

Garden of Kona villa is really beautiful. As constitution of Japanese garden, we make use of undulation of land around pond or build Tsukiyama and post garden rock and the trees and plants as native rock, and what make scenery that we can admire seasonally is common. My country, China have the same place where nature fuses in one as art, too.

Green of trees was fresh and young, too, and thatched small Japanese house was in garden, too. We took photograph for a while here. Lunch buffet is popular, and Kona villa seems to be always full of reservations. We want to eat this time.

A lot of colored carps swam in pond. We forget all trouble or stress when we see figure of colored carp which goes leisurely, and comes, and swims in wonderful kimono. Mention Japanese culture, was able to have a good experience.


At the age of university, we knew geisha only after reading "The Izu Dancer" of Yasunari Kawabata. We come to Japan, and I have never seen a geisha to be two years soon, and I have never seen dancing. This visit was experience that was very good for me. We heard story about everyday life of geishas and, to see state of lesson, were studied in various ways. It is very attractive to be able to observe traditional entertainment like "Japan" for foreigner. We felt that we took off even experience in kimono finally to be lonely.

●Experience-based excellent/Izunagaoka geisha agency lesson visit and kimono experience
●Facilities name/Izunagaoka geisha agency (Izunagaoka entertainment business cooperative association)
●Location/1037, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi
●Contents/of experience
・We observe lesson of dance and musical accompaniment with instruments of geisha
・Dressing experience of kimono
●Visit of/lesson is limited on the lesson date on the date and time. The lesson date and time are inquiries required. It is accepted by one person. Dressing experience of kimono is accepted at any time
●Actually of 7000 yen per person rate/lesson visit one 500 yen (tax-included), dressing (tax-included)
※When you wish to take a picture after dressing experience in inns except accommodations, it takes rate separately.
●Reservation method/reservation required. Telephone 055-947-1355 (without holiday 10:00-15:00 in enquiry time)