Delicious dishes tohokkori is space that can soften and takes a short break. Three selections of relaxation cafes of Izunokuni-shi


Delicious dishes tohokkori is space that can soften and takes a short break. Three selections of relaxation cafes of Izunokuni-shi

Interior is particular at time to have delicious dishes and sweets in good cafe of wonderful comfort, too. Let's spend time when we did slowly in relaxation space feeling light and wind and green. As there is cafe selling earthenware of writer thing, handmade baked confectionery and cake, confiture, enjoy shopping together.

KiKi cafe + container

Home-cooked meal of a lot of local blessings to taste with container of writer

Single house cafe in good hill of view. We can taste simple home-cooked meal using vegetables and local ingredients produced in home field. It is in brown rice rice and pickle, trouble time including stewed dishes, or lunch provides figure dishes with container of writer thing other than main available from four kinds.

There are terrace seat to be able to spend being relaxed while sunlight flows into and room seat of calm atmosphere.
Calibers such as cup or plate line up in shop, and of course the purchase is possible, too. There are many things of feel of a material that is powerful on mat which good soil and glaze is transmitted through directly.
We perform exhibition of container a few times a year.

[KiKi cafe + container]
Kiki cafe plus container

■Telephone  /0558-76-1365
■The location /375-4, Takyo, Izunokuni-shi
■Operating hours/11:30-15:00
■Regular holiday /Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday (there is temporary suspension of business)
■It is a 10-minute walk from access/Izuhakone Railway Takyo Station
■Parking lot /Four
■HP  /

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Ingredients dakusanno quiche and sweets which were particular about selection of material

Patisserie & cafe in compound store "TAKYO-136" along Route 136. Other than cake and baked confectionery that good material is felt, we can enjoy lunches such as quiche or soup curry. Crispness of cheese and tart cloth that quiche which is full of fragrances using Gliere cheese was thick is exquisiteness.

Wooden table is located relaxedly in shop and is comfortable.
Other than sweets such as waffle or parfait, we can have cakes in shop. Of course have baked confectionery and confiture as souvenir as takeout is possible.

Patisserie plus cafe Ann veil

■Telephone  /0558-99-9010
■The location /273-15, Takyo, Izunokuni-shi
■Operating hours/10:00-18:00
■Regular holiday /There is suspension of business of around one week each for Thursday, third Wednesday, the summer, the winter season
■It is a 3-minute walk from access/Izuhakone Railway Takyo Station
■Parking lot /20 (jointly)
■HP  /

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CAFE&BARu palm - table ...

Cafe rice which is kind to body with Italian coffee

Cafe which can spend time casually that big glass window is impressive. Of counter seat and deck other than seat at a table terrace seat is comfortable, too. Maple and chocolate banana, kind-rich French toast including caramel are noted products. Popular egg Benedict can rake original hollandaise sauce with food menu on mushroom and bacon, fresh low pesticide egg to original bread. It matches coffee of Italian "kariari company" well.

New menu of this summer "natural water chipped ice of Izu." In "soft and fluffy ice of easy taste with sweetness," as for the original source, topping, bathtub gin jar syrup of condensed milk, Wasabi of special product kirapika strawberry, Izunokuni product blueberry kariari beans espresso, denseness soybean milk of Izu is slightly rich in variation.
[natural water chipped ice of Izu]

[CAFE&BARu palm - table ...]
Cafe and Baru table

■Telephone  /055-944-6377
■The location /1191-2, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi
■Operating hours/10:00-18:00 (lunch 10:30-14:00)
■Regular holiday /Sunday
■Getting off, a 3-minute walk from access/Izuhakone Railway Izu-Nagaoka Station by bus for Izu, three Tsu Sea Paradise in front of five minutes, the elementary school
■Parking lot /Ten
■HP  /

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