A lot of blessings of nature! Let's taste local article for sale of Izunokuni-city


A lot of blessings of nature! Let's taste local article for sale of Izunokuni-city

Izunokuni-city that house cultivation of strawberry and mini-tomato is prosperous. Japanese radish airing which there are ranch and apiary in Tanakayama district where a lot of farmhouses in particular can enjoy quiet wind blowing down a mountain view, and cultivates summer watermelon, and did in winter backed by Mount Fuji is pastime that gives poetic charm. As we can buy various local articles for sale at direct sale place and Roadside Station, we get up early and will go out.

Izunokuni-city true heart market

For kind-rich fresh vegetables and fruit from morning as for the line!

"Fresh relief, cheapness is delicious" is motto. Way of popularity that can stand in line for seasonal vegetables having just finished being produced produced in stockbrokers early in the morning. As it may be sold out in the morning, we get up early, and let's go out. Seasonal fruit including strawberry and mandarin orange is of kind richness, too, and, including specialty pickled radish, artefacts such as pickle, handicraft miso, konjac are popular, too. Sekihan and steamed rice, side dish, Japanese confectioneries form a line, too.

We mind pesticide and manure, and article with "eco-Farmer mark" added only to farm products recognized being to saying "we produce person and eco-friendly agriculture based on plan" is prepared a lot.

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Large beautiful Izu ranch

In ranch Nara! Ice-cream cone of fresh fresh milk

"We live with cheerful cows peacefully" is ranch of motto. In natural rich environment overlooking Fuji, we give mineral-rich high quality water and feed selected carefully and primarily we think about health of cow and bring up.

At stand, we sell ice cream and ice-cream cone, milk. Though quite popular ice-cream cone made from delicious milk by security is heavy and is rich, taste is mellow, and aftertaste is refreshing.

[large beautiful Izu ranch] Spot information

Navel shop of Izu, village station Izu

Roadside Station where local vegetables and special products gather

Roadside Station "navel of Izu" which is near Izuchuo Road Ohito center IC. By renewal of 2018, theme park "Izu, village station" of quite popular meal with the head office advances to Mishima, Shizuoka!
Including local fresh vegetables and fruit, we sell special product of Shizuoka, Izu such as shiitake, wasabi, cherry tree prawns, tea.

Original brand vegetables mainly on "red vegetables" that agriculture section of local construction company produces, and relief, security is fresh as for "roppo vegetables." It is riot from local special products such as watermelon or Japanese radish to rare vegetables. "roppo pickles using seasonal vegetables are popular, too".

[navel shop of Izu, village station Izu]
■Telephone  /0558-76-1630
■The location /195-2, Takyo, Izunokuni-shi
■Operating hours/10:00-17:00
■Regular holiday /Without holiday
■From access/Izuhakone Railway Takyo Station 7-minute walk, Route 414 (and go down Izuchuo Road Ohito center IC immediately)
■Parking lot /22 large size, normal car 68 (5 for person with a physical disability) stand
■HP  /http://www.izunoheso.com/

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Honey original flavor and delivery same in nourishment

Apiarist who sees while it travels Izu, Nagano, Hokkaido, and spends saliva a little together. Honey which we gathered does report of honey original flavor and nourishment sonomamaoo without using antibiotic when we bring up mitsubachio without adding hand of person as much as possible.

As fragrance and flavor are different, honey of the highest grade and done "linden tree" (Hokkaido product), silky flavor do tasting in shop, and they will look for favorite honey by kind including "acacia" of popularity (Nagano product) for "cherry tree" (Izu product), individual flavor that "mandarin orange" (Izu product) of refreshing flavor of citrus fruit system, fragrance of cherry tree spread through gently in Europe.

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