Strawberry all-you-can-eat that is delicious in Izunokuni-city, Ema strawberry picking garden!


Strawberry all-you-can-eat that is delicious in Izunokuni-city, Ema strawberry picking garden!

The Ema strawberry hunting center that about 150,000 people during opening of the park period visit. At our garden proud of area largest in the Shizuoka prefecture, we cultivate 2 kinds of strong "Princess chapter" and full-bodied "rouge cheeks" of sweetness and can enjoy strawberry hunting without reservation if it is trip to individual.

I experienced

The right, male/magokoha (son kouha)
We are from China, Shanghai. Is interested in Japanese culture, and, after the member of society experience, study in Nihon University international relations department; and one year three months. We like documentary program.

The left, woman /Tran Thi Phuong (Chan tifon)
Vietnamese native place. After having gone to Japanese school in Fujinomiya-shi, we enter Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University. We are studying for employment in Japan while working part-time.

It arrives at Ema strawberry picking center

It is arrival in rural scenery which is close from Izuchuo Road, and is quiet in a certain Ema strawberry picking center. As there is large free parking lot, at first, we park once here. House affects people, and, as for the area, the Shizuoka prefecture is largest.

At first, reception desk

At first, we purchase entering a kindergarten ticket at reception desk window. Here, he/she introduces farm ready to be eaten from neighboring plural strawberry farmhouses. Rate fluctuates by season, but adjusts so that strawberry ready to be eaten provides anytime.

We move to farm by car

As we may be a little away apart to farm, we move by car. Of course we are reliable as there is guidance of the staff. We move about car of the guidance to house. When it is not car, he/she takes to and from by car of center.

It arrives at house

Line of many houses continue along the road. Kinds to cultivate for each farmhouse may be different, but any farmers including management of temperature and manure cultivate for labor and time carefully.

Fragrance that strawberry is sweet if we enter inside. Bee may fly because of pollination, but is not stabbed if we do nothing. He/she does his/her best for delicious strawberry.

Okay! We challenge strawberry picking

We receive container with condensed milk at entrance of house. All-you-can-eat time is 30 minutes. We start looking for red fruit promptly! We tried deep red cheeks in this house.

We easily get if we turn a little aside when we take strawberry. Do not injure roots for pulling forcibly.

We can enjoy sweetness till the last when we eat from poorness as strawberry is the most generous in the tip of the body if we take calyx. Please so that how to eat that is rude that it is only a mouthful does not do sweet place!

It does not stop if we begin to eat?

Strawberry which was big, and changed color red-hot rumblingly. Full-bodied taste that there is acidity as for some deep red cheeks of grain that we did around. One chapter princess is strong in fragrance and sweetness with soft fruit and is kind that child likes particularly.

We are full when short in 30 minutes if a lot of omoi breath and red fruits eat in sequence. The powerful charm of strawberry picking can taste the most delicious fully-ripened fruit on the spot.

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

"We came to strawberry field on car while listening to song of strawberry which hung over the center. How to eat to touch condensed milk to strawberry to be slightly different from how to eat in own country, and to take directly here, and to eat was slightly unexpected. If taste is suitable for adults, there are two kinds of child directions." (Son)

Like "Vietnamese strawberry picking, there is place of a lot of strawberries picking in Japan. Is wide, and take favorite strawberry directly here; and meal bereraru. It is thing which strawberry is delicious, and is fresh. We can purchase strawberry pack here if we want to give souvenir to friend. I love strawberry. It was really good trip." (Tran)

We check strawberry for souvenir

We have strawberry for souvenir in center. Person wanting to eat more is recommended to souvenir for family and friend to the one for oneself. Local shipment is possible, too. In addition, original strawberry jam made in center is popular.

We are full and are satisfied very much

The house is maintained neatly and we can taste a good strawberry while it is warm even in winter and are comfortable. We could taste strawberry which had just finished being produced in the most delicious state and sense such as treasure hunt to look for big fruit was fun and was 30 minutes of large satisfaction.

●Experience-based excellent/strawberry picking experience
●Facilities name/Ema strawberry picking center
     emaichigogari center
●Contents/30 minutes strawberry all-you-can-eat
●Address/563-7, Kitaema, Izunokuni-shi
●Operating hours/9:00-16:00 (the mid-December and early May)
●Having no days off during off/period
●Rate/12/15-1/3 1,800 yen, 1/4-2/28 1,600 yen, 3/1-3/31 1,400 yen, 4/1-4/30 1,200 yen, 5/1-5/7 1,000 yen, under 3 years old for free
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