Around Ohito Station special feature! Let's take a walk while looking at plum blossoms coloring the early spring


Around Ohito Station special feature! Let's take a walk while looking at plum blossoms coloring the early spring

Plum blossoms which reach in full bloom from January through March in average year. Famous place outstanding of Izu that Ohito Bairin and the Ohito Shrine precincts close to Ohito Station of Izunokuni-city can enjoy about 80 kinds, 600 red-and-white plums. "Person plum Festival is held in February, too" and can enjoy various plans every year. This special feature introduces the neighboring recommended spots around Ohito Station. Just enjoy visiting towns if you go to visit Ohito.

①Steam Ohito Bairin ② Kogane-no-Yu ③ Shigeo Nagashima road ④; confectionary ⑤ Backerei DANKE

① Ohito Bairin

We take a walk through the highlight of Ohito around Bairin

Ohito Umebayashi who reaches in full bloom from mid-January through early March every year. On neighboring walks, we will check "Ohito Bairin walk map" which Izunokuni-city Tourism Association produced. As particular walk time is displayed, we can take a walk to preference and physical strength. We introduce points such as place, sunset, row of cherry blossom trees which Mount Fuji and Shiroyama see neatly carefully. Let alone the highlight, kind guides such as uphill slope or downhill slope are glad.

Name : Ohito Bairin
Telephone : 055-948-0304 (Izunokuni-city Tourism Association)
Address : 209, Ohito, Izunokuni-shi (Ohito Bairin)
Traffic : It is a 5-minute walk from Izuhakone Railway Ohito Station

Ohito Bairin walk map Ohito Bairin walk map. pdf

② Kogane-no-Yu

Free footbathing in rotary in front of Ohito Station

Footbath that it is in rotary in front of Izuhakone Railway Ohito Station, and is available in slight waiting time of train and bus, and is convenient. It is available for 24 hours, and rate is free.
The depth of the water is shallower and we sit down on granite and dip foot leisurely and we hold onto handrail and can walk in place. There is spring water drinking place, too. The name called "Kogane-no-Yu" comes from that hot spring gushed out from Kanayama that was in Ohito.

Name : Kogane-no-Yu
Telephone : 055-948-0304 (Izunokuni-city Tourism Association)
Address : 587, Ohito, Izunokuni-shi
Business : 24 hours
Fixed closing day : Without holiday
Traffic : The Izuhakone Railway Ohito station square
P : None

③ Yomiuri Giants Shigeo Nagashima road

Place of effort that super star of baseball world trained independently

Place where Shigeo Nagashima who was treasure of baseball world in Japan performed private training in the active times. We name slopes which repeated road and Ohito mall, dash around Ohito Hotel where we stayed in "Shigeo Nagashima road". Course of Kano River dike which was running course and Shiroyama who reached the summit for training is named "Shigeo Nagashima running road". Nagashima came for visit in May, 2016 and referred with fan who gathered.

Name : Yomiuri Giants Shigeo Nagashima road
Telephone : 055-948-2909 (Izunokuni-city city planning section)
P : None

Shigeo Nagashima roadmap

④ Steam; confectionary

Confectionary which is founded in 1932, and is loved in hometown

"Young ayu of the Kano River" that modelled sweetfish in the middle is well-established confectionary of noted product. Product of "Izunokuni brand" which Izunokuni-city Society of Commerce and Industry including "hansharokano" (hansharokanon) authorized as special product is popular. We open cafe corner only in the summertime, and chipped ice that 45 kinds of syrup is prepared is quite popular. Japanese-style taste that we used homemade deliciousness and bean jam, black mitsuo for is substantial.

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⑤ Backerei DANKE

Fragrant German bread to bake by the manufacturing method same as the home is reputation

Shop where there are many fans in the whole country so as to say "here speaking of German bread!". Storekeeper who learned the making of bread in Germany is offer for genuine taste exquisite soft acidity and sweetness with roundness using rye of self flour milling and homemade sour class. Other than German bread, French bread such as baguette or bataru is popular, too. As there is eat-in corner, taste casually.

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