From Nirayama reverberatory furnace to the ground related to Genji! It is visiting historic spots in tour bus "career bus appearing ... and others"


From Nirayama reverberatory furnace to the ground related to Genji! It is visiting historic spots in tour bus "career bus appearing ... and others"

Area where Nirayama reverberatory furnace of world heritage, historic spots related to Genji gather in the outskirts of Izu-Nagaoka Station, Nirayama Station of Izuhakone Railway. Tour bus "career bus appearing ... and others" around each facility are had service (on service day designated date including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) of, and rate is reasonable with 300 yen with whole-day-unlimited-ride ticket. As we can go round various tourist attractions from way train ending point, using tour bus, let's enjoy history walk of Izunokuni-city.

[sightseeing tour model Nirayama reverberatory furnace circulation bus "career bus appearing ... and others"] ●Stop bus stop ① Izu-Nagaoka Station → ② Nirayama reverberatory furnace → ③ Leech ka Island Park → ④ Egawa's house → ⑤ Nirayama strawberry picking center → ⑥ JA green plaza Izunokuni → ⑦ Nirayama Station → ⑧ Village of Hojo → ① Izu-Nagaoka Station

●The service time (all six flights. From initial point to terminal seat-load time about 45 minutes)
First 9:15 ... last 14:20 from Izu-Nagaoka Station
●Service day
It travels on designated date including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
For more details, we confirm homepage of Izunokuni-city.
●Ride fare
300 yen (rate same more than primary schoolchild)

The Izunokuni-city "career bus appearing ... and others" details

Bus stop ② "Nirayama reverberatory furnace"

We thoroughly enjoy grilled lunch & craft beer after the industrial inheritance visit

"Nirayama reverberatory furnace" which was registered with world's cultural heritage as "the Industrial Revolution inheritance of Meiji Japan" in July, 2015. Facilities to dissolve metal with reverberatory furnace, and to cast cannon. Structure which lets you reflect heat and flame in dome-formed space in the inside, and does, and dissolves iron in high temperature. We spread iron which melted in model, and chilled cannon is completed. Reverberatory furnace which actually produced cannons still existing in the country only in here Nirayama. It was big factory where associated facilities formed a line at the time of the operation in the outskirts. From reverberatory furnace of left ream twin two, we can still bear history at the time.

Compound facilities "storehouse shop Narusawa" adjacent to Nirayama reverberatory furnace. There is souvenir building "reverberatory furnace product building sputum anything" that product associated with specialty and reverberatory furnace of Izunokuni-city restaurant "homura" to be able to enjoy grilled menu "reverberatory furnace beer" producing craft beer with water springing out in site is prepared. In addition, we can enjoy tea picking experience in clothes of tea picking daughter over - autumn in early summer. We can take tea leaves which we picked home, and there is souvenir of Japanese towel and sencha, too. It is good to break of walk "coffee square is rocky, and to be on" that it is located in the place like a 6-minute walk. We can enjoy coffee or specially made waffle that own house roasted discerning beans which storekeeper purchased locally. Free Wi-Fi is available, too.

[Nirayama reverberatory furnace] Spot information (nearest bus stop ②)

[storehouse shop Narusawa] Spot information (nearest bus stop ②)

[coffee square is rocky and is turned on] Spot information (nearest bus stop ②)

Bus stop ③ "leech ka Island Park" stop

Over the the Genji - Hojos - Egawas history related to Izunokuni

"Leech ka Island Park" is the ground which spent 20 years until 34 years old that Yoritomo Minamoto raises an army from 14-year-old boyhood, and we feel, and history is maintained in rural scenery now as park to be able to learn. Statue of Yoritomo and Masako Hojo of young day to promise Heike overthrow, and to see Mount Fuji is built. Teahouse is in site, and enjoy, and light meal, cafe is for free services of tea.
There are "the ruins of Nirayama-jo Castle" from here to a 10-minute walk. Yamashiro that Soun Hojo built Nirayama-jo Castle. "Castle pond water park" which used pond said to partly of moat at the precious site of castle leaving figure of the age of civil strife including fieldwork and moat is maintained and can enjoy walk. It is further a 5-minute walk to "the important cultural property Egawas house" (Egawa's house).

On the east side of "the ruins of Nirayama-jo Castle" with "the important cultural property Egawas house" (Egawa's house) (bus stop ④ "Egawa's house" stop). Is appointed, and, in Eiryu Egawa (hidetatsu) who made an effort for building of Nirayama reverberatory furnace public mansion, it is released pay by important cultural property. Venerable house where the Egawas sails up the history in the Heian era. After the Edo era, the Egawas present head of a household ruled government controlled area of Izu, Suruga, worth, Sagara, Musashi as chief administrator of the Shogunate. British dragon is the 36th generation of the Egawas. It was cultured person and had various aspects that we made poetry with superior person who was thinker, engineer and described painting in. It is this Eiryu Egawa that baked bread for the first time in Japan, and there is thing which how to make bread is written down in in ancient documents reaching the Egawas. Originally we can purchase bread which reproduced the manufacturing method that was carrying food of soldier at the time here.

[leech ka Island Park] Spot information (nearest bus stop ③)

[leech ka Island Park teahouse] Spot information (nearest bus stop ③)

[castle pond Shinsui-Koen Prak] Spot information (nearest bus stop ④)

[the Egawas house (Egawa's house)] Spot information (nearest bus stop ④)

Bus stop ⑧ "village of Hojo" stop

Ancient shrines and temples and Mount Fuji view spot in hope of Genji revival

Temple where Tokimasa Hojo erected "the House of wish accomplishment" for the victory prayer of Oshu attack of Yoritomo Minamoto in 1189 where bus stop ⑧ is from "village of Hojo" to a 5-minute walk. Buddha statue of 5 ku including Amitabha seated figure of enshrined Unkei product, the god of treasure image, statue of King Akira Fudo in total, national treasure-designated in 2013; was done. Including the precincts with grave where Tokimasa Hojo sleeps, one body including mountain behind is appointed as "the House of wish accomplishment trace" on historic spot of country.

The back of "the House of wish accomplishment", "Moriyama Hachiman shrine" in halfway up a mountain of Moriyama. It is said that Yoritomo Minamoto prays for Genji revival in company worshiping the foundation, guardian deity, God of War of Genji for 647 years in 1180 and raised an army. Customary prelude player in hope of rich harvest is dedicated to annual festival of October every year in stage.
It is arrived at the Moriyama mountaintop by Hachiman shrine when we climb for approximately 15 minutes. Altitude is most suitable for slight hiking at 101.8 meters. Observation deck is maintained, and the mountaintop can look around city area of Mount Fuji and Izunokuni-city. "Moriyama Nishi Park" is maintained in the foot.

[the House of wish accomplishment] Spot information (nearest bus stop ⑧)

Meeting of Izunokuni history guide

"Meeting of Izunokuni history guide" which performs historic spot guide in the city by volunteer mainly on holiday. Let alone having you do detailed explanation about history from deep guide of knowledge, it is sure to get that it is possible for richer visiting historic spots. Application methods check official home page.

Meeting of Izunokuni history guide

We can receive side trip privilege only in ticket buyer!

Career bass is available for appearing "whole-day-unlimited-ride ticket" of ... and others as side trip privilege that can receive service that is advantageous in store, facilities in the city. Let's show "whole-day-unlimited-ride ticket" to the staff of target store (cf. following side trip privilege map PDF).
※Privilege of each store, facility is effective for day of the purchase and two days of the next day

Side trip privilege map 01

Side trip privilege map 02