We take power of nature shiningly and experience relaxation & impression!


We take power of nature shiningly and experience relaxation & impression!

Place to be able to enjoy kayak in Izu alone in river in the Kano River flowing in the truth of Izunokuni-city toward the north. In addition, by tree climbing in forest with a view of Mount Fuji, it is wrapped in power of tree and is relaxed. In addition, let's enjoy nature experience to be able to come across only here including sweet, juicy mandarin orange picking experience only by warm climate of Izu.


Kayak experiences Mount Fuji in the front in the Kano River

Plan of punting to be able to enjoy kayak even for the first time. At first, "Chitose Bridge course" of about 2km is recommended. We aim at goal while doing having a swim in a river after the exercise in gentle place of flow. On the Pacific side where the sea spreads through to the south, river flowing towards the north can unusually look at figure of various Mount Fuji from many places of course. It requires reservation and can experience from 10 years old.

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[kayak tapa nature school] (Chitose Bridge course)

■Meeting place/Chitose Bridge left bank riverbed (from Izuhakone Railway Izu-Nagaoka Station a 5-minute walk)
■Other than period/10.11 moon (require reservation)
■Holding time/9:30-12:00, 13:30-16:00
■Time required/2 hours 30 minutes
■Entrance fee /6500 yen for adults, primary schoolchild (10 years or older) 5,500 yen ※The 7.8 moon is +1,000 yen

Mandarin orange picking

There are a lot of mandarin oranges on very large site excellent at view!

We cultivate about 8,000 trees mainly on premature delivery kind. Wonderful scenery to overlook Izunokuni-city spreads when we climb the very large garden. A part in garden is maintained to breadth that wheelchair can go along and is pruned so that fruit becomes low place. One which there are no all-you-can-eat, time limit in for entering a kindergarten charges 400 yen is glad. Mandarin orange ha 900 yen for souvenir belonging to. In addition, we present one bag of mandarin orange when "treasure hunt game" is carried out in garden and finds hidden card to tree of mandarin orange!

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[Kosaka mandarin orange combination farm]

■Telephone  /055-948-4141 (in the business period outside 055-948-0304, Izunokuni-city Tourism Association)
■Address  /1336, Osaka, Izunokuni-shi
■Operating hours/8:00-16:00 (we do business only during period of 10/1-1/5)
■Regular holiday /It is without holiday during business period
■It is five minutes by taxi by taxi from ten minutes, Takyo Station from access/Izuhakone Railway Izu-Nagaoka Station
■Parking lot /100

Tree climbing

It is wrapped in power of tree, and forest is idle leisurely

If it is fine, we climb a tree and have a delightful experience in forest with a view of Mount Fuji. We follow exclusive Gere and make climbing and eat snacks on tree and get on "swing of Heidi" and transfer soap bubbles and……. It is not purpose that climbs highly, and important one is relaxed, and be used to fill the smile early. Let's sense comfort given naturally in whole family bodily both children and adults. Require reservation, and can experience from 4 years old, minimum passenger count three ...

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[Мother Tree foramu tree up Character And Pattern Telephone Access Information Network System Maruyama]

■The meeting place/Izuhakone Railway Takyo station square
■Forest STAR HILL's of experience-based place/healing (car from meeting place ten minutes)
■Period/whole year (we hold by reservation anytime)
■Acceptance time/10:00-16:00
■Time required/2-3 hours
■Entrance fee /3,800 yen