Cycling course which is healed by scenery along the Mount Fuji view & Kano River


Cycling course which is healed by scenery along the Mount Fuji view & Kano River

It is along the Kano River of Izunokuni-city, and cycling is prosperous, and event called "ride & ride Kano River" ( is held every year in around the end of September, too. Rent-a-bicycle station that tourist can enjoy cycling casually is fulfilling. We go round Mount Fuji view spot and history spots related to Yoritomo Minamoto, and fun of the cycling middle including sweets using hot spring and popular strawberry is various. We use the park & ride points, and let's enjoy refreshing bicycle walk not to be able to taste by car.

Izunokuni rent-a-bicycle Kano River vero

Rent-a-bicycle (navel of Roadside Station Izu is stopping now) which we loan out in Izunagaoka station square tourist information center, Izunokuni-city Tourism Association, storehouse shop Narusawa (in front of Nirayama reverberatory furnace) and can drop off. When we stay at Izu Nagaoka Onsen for one 500 yen (10:00-16:00) a day, return to the accommodations is possible, too. Within two days before using because number of bicycle is limited reservation.

Cycling map is prepared at the source for rent, and there is recommended course of "regular course" and two kinds of "challenge courses" to be able to enjoy history and Mount Fuji view at the same time. The main highlight is storehouse shop Narusawa (in front of Nirayama reverberatory furnace), kokuseiji, Egawa's house, leech ka island teahouse, five places of the House of wish accomplishment.

Cycling map is this

■Regular course
Distance of course: 16.4km
Altitude difference: 30m
The time required by bicycle: About one hour

Course that can surround spots related to Yoritomo such as "the House of pearl" or "well of Masako first bath" other than the main highlight. It is recommended to beginner who wants to enjoy cycling casually.

■Chan range course
Distance of course: 35.8km
Altitude difference: 189m
The time required by bicycle: About 2 hours 30 minutes

Course offering scenery which extends a trip to shoreline while going round many spots related to Yoritomo including "Joganji", and is beautiful "Bishamondo" and "immovable waterfall" other than the main highlight. It is recommended to people and person of physical strength pride who were used to cycling. Reward of superb view is waiting as much as we did our best!

[reservation, inquiry] Izunokuni-city Tourism Association

Telephone (reception desk 10:00-16:00)



Recommended break spot

Easy footbath & day return bath which can drop in by way of break in the middle of cycling is this place.


Princess noashi hot water (inner lye cis Katsuragi)

Footbath in site of multipurpose facilities "Nagaoka synthesis hall" (lye cis Katsuragi) in center of Kona district. Spring quality gradually warms with alkaline simple spring well and is good to health promotion, relieving fatigue.

[the use time] 7:00-24:00 free of charge without holiday

Hot water rakkusu park

Health and hot spring are parks of theme. There is health promenade stimulating footbath with roof where 5 to 6 persons can soak in and key point of sole. It is nearby, and there is bathing facilities "hot water rakkusunoyu, too".

[the use time] 7:00-22:00 free of charge without holiday

More thing footbath (Kona hot-bath resort park)

Iris bridge lawn and bench, park with health promenade extensive soon hanging over the Kano River flood control channel. Footbathing is with roof, and sit down as eight people and use hot water rather hot a little which blended two alkaline simple springs to spring out in Kona district.

[the use time] 8:00-22:00 free of charge without holiday

[one-day hot spring]

The new eight beauty spots garden heavens bath

We overlook Mount Fuji from fine view open-air bath of 15m in total length in the hotel top floor. As we gather all from bath towel to yukata, we can drop in casually empty-handed.

Izu Nagaoka Onsen hotel Hotel Tenbo

Good accommodation of view in hill overlooking Mount Fuji. Set with lunch buffet using local contract farmhouse direct vegetables recommends one-day bathing.

Hot water rakkusunoyu

Popular public bathhouse to be able to enjoy from early morning adjacent to hot water rakkusu park. It is relaxation effect perfect score with rather hot hot water.

Mount Fuji View Point

As there are much Mount Fuji view spots on the course, we will look for going niirino scenery.

Moriyama Nishi Park observation deck

Rural scenery of Nirayama district is healed from observation deck at the mountaintop by sweep of the eye, quiet scenery. Perfect Mount Fuji View Point where cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji of "Kano River Sakura Park" that is adjacent at time of cherry blossoms from late March through early April are seen in at the same time.

Nirayama reverberatory furnace east side tea plantation

The best location where "Nirayama reverberatory furnace" and "Mount Fuji" of world heritage are seen in at the same time. Green of tea plantation is beautiful, too.

Kano River and Mount Fuji

Summer scenery from Mount Fuji soaring over there of the Kano River and Sokouji district where the clear sky is beautiful blue. When run in the Kano River right bank towards Chitose Bridge from Daimon Bridge, seem to be Izunokuni-city, is calm, and can come across heart scenery to soften.

Leech ka Island Park

Place where Yoritomo Minamoto who lost in revolt spent 20 years from 14 years old to 34 years old to raise an army of Heiji. Statue of Yoritomo and Masako of young day to snuggle up towards Mount Fuji, and to stand is built. Tea dealer who can enjoy light meals is in site, and break is most suitable even if we spot.

Canola flower field and Mount Fuji

Canola flower field in "Nirayama strawberry picking center" site. Bright yellow canola flower and contrast of Mount Fuji covered with snow given spring fragrance are beautiful.

Slightly with effort to "Izunokuni panorama park"

(image is image)

"Izunokuni panorama park" where challenge course is along is about seven minutes to the Mt. Katsuragi mountaintop of 452m above sea level by ropeway. 360-degree vast panorama overlooking Mount Fuji spreads from observation deck at the mountaintop. "Fujimi terrace" opens in July, 2016. From terrace of calm atmosphere that made "space of the sum" concept, we can overlook Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Cafe "katsuragi coffee shop" which can take a short break while looking at superb view. Deck of 2 steps which stretched along slope is like opening as if it totally floats in the air.

Other than "chipped ice of straight fruit" which shut in taste of straight strawberry and mandarin orange of Izu, menu which valued original udon and Fujimi dumpling, local material including Shizuoka tea of farmhouse direct shipment is prepared.

As there is footbathing of Fujimi, heal body which was tired from cycling leisurely.

[Izunokuni panorama park]
Address: 260-1, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi

Detailed information of spot is this

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