From December to May are in season! Let's eat up various strawberry sweets


From December to May are in season! Let's eat up various strawberry sweets

Speaking of specialty of Izunokuni-city "strawberry." Main kind can taste sweets using local strawberry which adopt, and has just finished other than strawberry picking experience with "deep red cheeks" with "chapter princess" in various ways in the city. It is Daifuku, roll, tart from standard shortcake……. Let's fully thoroughly enjoy sweets which are full of variations that we made use of sweet-sour, juicy strawberry in in seasonal season.

Steam; confectionary

Shortcake that good old smile spills with simplicity

Well-established confectionary which is famous for chipped ice of the summertime. Is just looking, and shortcake of traditional good old appearance does not think; for smile. Taste that is loved by any people regardless of age or sex familiar since childhood that acidity of strawberry blends with fresh cream which is not too sweet.

In addition, product of Izunokuni brand including "Shiroyama" (joyama) who imaged mountain which "hansharokano" (canon) which we wrapped in leather with black sesame anto white ano bamboo charcoal covers brown sugar steamed bun with a very thin covering containing with walnut, and is steep is favorable reception.

※There is no sale of chipped ice in the summer of 2020

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Strawberry plaza Daifuku

Juicy Daifuku where we wrapped fresh strawberry in entirely

Drive-in "strawberry plaza" along Izuchuo Road. "Strawberry Daifuku" that the "making a lot of tea at once" in one angle uses local contract farmhouse direct fresh strawberry, rouge cheeks entirely and wrapped with rice cake of frank white anto snow white is popularity. Fragrance is excellent at sour-sweetness of strawberry juicy highly and white anga affinity.

In addition, we sell tea for warding off the evil which we wrapped melon, pineapple, kiwi, fresh straight fruit including fruit tomato in entirely. A lot of seasonally limited products are good to present, too.

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*kyuka emayu

Strawberry version of quite popular roll

Quite popular "Italian roll" which had fan in the whole country wound up sponge and fresh cream with chopped chestnut with Shoo skin of. We use high quality materials luxuriously and bake carefully without regretting trouble one by one. Nice smell of Shoo skin, gentleness of sponge, fluency of fresh cream become the Trinity and bring about unique texture.

In order as is often sold out, to become; by one week reservation. Enjoy seasonal taste by all means in from January to May being seasonally limited as for the Italian roll which strawberry entered.

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Shop in front of tsuzu beauty hot-bath resort Sono Station

Black "cannon roll" using bamboo charcoal is noted product

Japanese-Western style confectionary in front of Izu-Nagaoka Station. We select carefully and handcraft material including strawberry and adzuki bean carefully one by one. Slice size sells "cannon roll" of big impact of appearance with bean jam containing whole beans, adzuki bean, chestnut, Matcha, five kinds of strawberry, too. Cloth is soft with moisture. Strawberry winds up jelly using deep red cheeks of local Nirayama.

Spend another noted product "strawberry making a lot of tea at once" with bean jam containing whole beans; two kinds of bean jam. We adopt in morning when bean jam and Nirayama clogged up tightly are fresh and can enjoy harmony of strawberry.

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Small patisserie which took good care of seasonal fruit

Patisserie such as oasis of neighboring people whom three sisters from hometown run. Cake using seasonal fruit including chestnut and sweet potato is prepared in spring in peach, autumn in strawberry, summer from winter. Fluency that melts away in taste that "pudding of fairy" of drawing card product is thick.

Shortcake, tart, cakes using fresh strawberry including millefeuille form a line from December through May. There is cafe space, too and can taste coffee of charcoal fire roast. Size of cake is glad that price is reasonable at pretty size.

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