Three points to enjoy Izu Nagaoka Onsen entirely


Three points to enjoy Izu Nagaoka Onsen entirely

Hot spring resort, Izu Nagaoka Onsen on behalf of Izu. There are east Kona district, west Nagaoka district across Mt. Genji, and story that Yoritomo Minamoto liked hot water of this ground in the Kamakura era about 1,300 years ago is informed open hot water of Kona. Open hot water of Nagaoka is relatively new with last years of Meiji. When we enjoy one-day hot spring in conjunction with meal and taste popular hot spring steamed bun and take a walk in rent-a-bicycle, let's enjoy hot-spring resort.

Time relaxing with one-day hot spring + lunch

We are refreshed with three kinds of outdoor baths and vegetables lunches

Inside bath of "Hotel Hotel Tenbo." Atmosphere that it is deep, and window is greatly taken spaciously and is like opening

Three kinds that vary in flavor in the outdoor bath of "Hotel Hotel Tenbo." Scenery of bath where we spread bincho charcoal all all over the wall, and domestic Hiba (hiba) is made with in the bathtub, bathtub of making a rock garden and mountain spreading outside is bubble bath with massage effect with bath set in the cave full of rural beauty, granite of step. We want to compare by entering slowly by all means each as it is characteristic. In feeling opening-like in there being enough area that 40 people put family bath in, and becoming fitted with glass for the outdoors. As for the meal, we can enjoy vegetables-centered lunch buffet "beji lunch" (as for the set with bathing adult weekdays 2,600 yen, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 2,900 yen). Vegetables having just finished being produced which local farmers cook form a line and seem to be able to become from body neatly clearly.

[Hotel Hotel Tenbo] Spot information

[in the facility with day return bathing plan with others meal]

■The hotel Sun Valley Izunagaoka main building
Address: 659, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi telephone: 055-948-3800

[the hotel Sun Valley Izunagaoka main building] Spot information

■The new eight beauty spots garden heavens outdoor bath
Address: 211, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi telephone: 055-948-1500

[the new eight beauty spots garden] Spot information

■Accommodation Ebisu of manekifuku
Address: 1186, Kona, Izunokuni-shi phone number: 055-948-1541

[accommodation Ebisu of manekifuku] Spot information

[in the others day return facility to be able to bathe in containing]

■Accommodation Izumi-so of jitsu*
Address: 1045-1, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi phone number: 055-948-1235

[accommodation Izumi-so of jitsu*] Spot information

■Hot-spring ryokan azumaya of Izu Nagaoka Onsen original dishes
Address: 39, Kona, Izunokuni-shi phone number: 055-948-0114

[Azuma] Spot information

■Hotel Sun Valley Izunagaoka Fujimi
Address: 185-1, Kona, Izunokuni-shi phone number: 055-947-3100

[Hotel Sun Valley Izunagaoka Fujimi] Spot information

We compare by eating various taste in hot spring steamed bun battleground

Cake of high quality traditional having been continued since the Taisho era

As we can purchase from one around 60 yen, we eat, and comparing is fun

After all, big hot-spring village, noted product of Izunagaoka having the source of 130 is hot spring steamed bun. Shop jostles in small area, and the taste including bean jam and cloth varies really. Assorted which was bundled one by one is sold, and, at events such as "hot spring steamed bun festival" held in October, steamed bun of several stores in Izunokuni-city is quite popular every year!
As for "nagao ka steamed bun" of the well-established "willow moon" founded in 1916, the Prime Minister Prize receiving a prize is taste of assent, too. We always pursue taste that matched in the present age while following tradition at each store. Bean jam which is mellow to plump skin with moisture softly of subtle sweetness is exquisite.

For more details, to "hot spring steamed bun size dissection of Izunagaoka" special feature!

Drop off; is cycling by bicycle of OK casually

We take a walk through cycling course along the Kano River

In the case of staying, return to the accommodations is possible in Izu Nagaoka Onsen, too

Rent-a-bicycle which we loan out in Izu-Nagaoka Station, Izunokuni-city Tourism Association, navel of Roadside Station Izu, four places of storehouse shop Narusawa (in front of Nirayama reverberatory furnace) and can drop off. In telephone and WEB advance reservations, one 500 yen (10:00-16:00) a day. Product made in ruigano company which is popular other than family cycle that anyone is easy to get on and electric assist cycle, sporty cross bike, a lot of car models including mountain bike for child. As cycling map is prepared at the source for rent, we enjoy refreshing scenery along the Kano River and will go round Nirayama reverberatory furnace or history spots related to Yoritomo Minamoto leisurely.

■Izunokuni rent-a-bicycle Kano River vero
Telephone: 055-948-0304 (Izunokuni-city Tourism Association)

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