Roadside Station "navel of Izu" is renewal OPEN!


Roadside Station "navel of Izu" is renewal OPEN!

"Navel of Izu" renews Roadside Station in November, 2018! We were reborn as complexed Roadside Station to be able to enjoy "we bought and played and ate and stay" as power base which sent local charm entirely. Strawberry, local products, restaurant, bicycle, hotel……Introduction plentiful Roadside Station by charm of "navel of Izu."

Izuchuo Road Ohito center IC Roadside Station "navel of Izu" which we go down, and a 10-minute walk and access are convenient for by train immediately from Izuhakone Railway Takyo Station.
We choose cycling and break going for a drive, souvenir and, moreover, can utilize variously as staying base of sightseeing in Izu.

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<< strawberry BonBonBERRY Izunokuni factory >>

Specialty store to be able to enjoy Japanese and Western sweets using main farm products strawberry of Izunokuni-city and souvenir. A lot of menus of strawberry to be able to taste only here!

There is meal menu, and eat-in in pretty shop which assumed strawberry concept is possible.

Tart, pudding, cream puff, Mont Blanc, cheesecake, Daifuku, Japanese and Western sweets of strawberry including yokan are varied. It is pleasant to be wondering whether to have which.

Strawberry jam is prepared for each deep red cheeks, chapter princess, kirapi incense and kind, and there is rare jam such as jam of strawberry honey.

As for the drinks such as berry software, tapioca strawberry milk, takeout is OK bong bong. In cafe, sets of parfait and sweets of strawberry are popular.

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<< navel shop of Izu, village station Izu >>

Theme park "Izu, village station" of quite popular meal with the head office advances to navel of Izu in Mishima-shi, Shizuoka! Including local fresh vegetables and fruit, we sell special product of Shizuoka, Izu such as shiitake, wasabi, cherry blossoms prawns, tea.

<< G k, B Village >>

Buffet restaurant attached to craft beer brewery. We can enjoy Gotemba Heights beer and Izunokuni beer, beer of 2 brands.
All Japanese-Western style inside of 60 articles that featured the theme of local production for local consumption serves dishes unlimitedly! We provide steak and seasonal vegetables at iron plate corner of force more than 3 meters. Dessert is substantial, too.

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Reasonable accommodation which has a cute North European-style interior. Atmospheres are different and, in the guest room, can enjoy relaxation and wakuwaku for each theme.

In addition, hot water which hot spring for exclusive use of hotel guest is kind to skin with top-class strong alkaline spring quality in the whole country, and is soft.

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One of the world's largest cycling facilities which display about 200 latest models of global bicycle brand "MERIDA." We can take all a test ride and, including rental motorcycle, hold various events or races.

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