The air is full of spring! Famous spot of cherry tree of Izunokuni-city that heart softens for quiet scenery


The air is full of spring! Famous spot of cherry tree of Izunokuni-city that heart softens for quiet scenery

Izunokuni-city which it begins to Kano River dike, Shiroyama whom Kawazu-zakura of early blooming blooms, and weeping cherry tree, Yoshino cherry tree, cherry tree of various kinds including yaezakura bloom. Costarring with world heritage "Nirayama reverberatory furnace" is wonderful, too! Let's thoroughly enjoy beautiful scenery only by spring once a year.

Kano River dike, Shiroyama (Kawazu-zakura: for the late February and early March)

Cherry tree of early blooming is here in Izunokuni-city. On dike of the neighborhood of opposite bank of Shiroyama, row of trees of Sakura Shiroyama spreads out and is good to walking and cycling.

We hold "Shiroyama cherry tree Festival" every year in the beginning of March. Stalls stand in a row and can enjoy events such as concerts.

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The House of dragon source (weeping cherry tree: for the mid-March and late March)

Weeping cherry tree of the House of temple, dragon source which is near Sanpuku public hall meets full bloom in around the end of March in average year.

Flowering period is short, but there is value of seeing in scenery that beautiful flower is in full glory to branch which lengthened so as to reach the ground!

[the House of dragon source] Spot information is this

Kano River Sakura Park (Yoshino cherry tree: for the late March and early April)

Row of cherry blossom trees of the Kano River basin best to last about 450 meters in park adjacent to Moriyama Nishi Park is wonderful. Spot where is popular among families who spread leisure sheet, and can enjoy cherry blossom viewing leisurely.

It is popular as spot seen together in cherry tree and Mount Fuji. We are lighted up by night for the late March and early April when it is the golden age of cherry tree, and it is wrapped in fantastic atmosphere.

[Kano River Sakura Park] Spot information is this

Nirayama reverberatory furnace (Yoshino cherry tree: for the late March and early April)

Yoshino cherry tree which blooms to surround world heritage "Nirayama reverberatory furnace." Reverberatory furnace which goes through cherry blossoms, and rises is smart and manly and is gorgeous.

In atmosphere that reverberatory furnace and cherry tree rise in darkness by night light up, and is fantastic. We are usually enchanted by atmospheric scenery only for this season that varied again.

[Nirayama reverberatory furnace] Light up information is this

Mt. Genji Park (Yoshino cherry tree: for the end of March and mid-April)

Mt. Genji Park in the center of Izunagaoka hot-spring resort. When appointed "Verbena phlogiflora" murders, and dear entrusts natural monument of city with feeling of Yorimasa Minamotono cherishing memory and planted, we are informed. The age of a tree is the sixth generation now for more than 100 years.

Let's enjoy "Mt. Genji Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation" leisurely while looking at cherry tree.

[Mt. Genji Park] Spot information is this

daijinzuisenkyo (Yoshino cherry tree burns with the end of March and early April cherry tree: for from the beginning of April to the middle yaezakura: for from the middle of April to the end)

Is located in the south side of Shimin-no-Mori pontoon bridge, very large facilities, daijinzuisenkyo among Nature. Season when seasonal flower blooms and is the most gorgeous in one year is spring. Other than cherry tree, Hana peach, button, rhododendron, azalea are in full glory.

It is late a little from city area for the mountains, and flower blooms, and it features to be able to enjoy various types of cherry trees. One cherry tree, popular name "it burns cherry tree" largest in Shizuoka throughout the prefecture is natural cross of wild cherry tree and Prunus speciosa. When Yoshino cherry tree is scattered, we reach full bloom.

When it burns in this, and cherry tree begins to be scattered, yaezakura flowers this time and makes wonderful row of cherry blossom trees by about 2km. yaezakura is generic name of cherry tree to add more than 6 flowers to, and some petals are piled up, and bright pink scenery spreads.

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