We enjoy bright autumn color to burn! Colored leaves spot of Shuzenji, Amagi


We enjoy bright autumn color to burn! Colored leaves spot of Shuzenji, Amagi

Shuzenji with famous spot of Izu first-rate colored leaves. Various events are held every year in the mid-November and early December to reach in full bloom. Wonderful colored leaves are seen in Shuzenji nature park and each place including Keisen and carry out light up in showcase and Shuzenji rainbow town of Shuzenji garden. Hiking while colored leaves festival is held while it is the end of November in Amagi and is wrapped in Nature including Showanomori and eight orders pond is popularity.

[Shuzenji area]

Shuzenji nature park

In very large site of the north side mountains of Shuzenji Onsen, there are maple forest or Umebayashi, and seasonal flower is in full glory. It is dotted with stone tablets of writer artist doing calligraphy related to Shuzenji including Kido Okamoto and Soseki Natsume and can enjoy literature walk.

There are about 1,000 colored leaves gregariousness forests in site of 1ha and turns red from mid-November through early December. We can see colored leaves and Mount Fuji dyed vividly on day when it was fine.

Maple forest stall city is held for from Friday, November 15, 2019 to Thursday, December 5 and is full of stalls selling local article for sale during period (no charge for admission).

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Shuzenji rainbow town

Theme park where wisteria, rose, the trees and plants of the four seasons including hydrangea are in full glory throughout the year on very large site for ten Tokyo Dome. In six zones divided into British village, Canadian village, each theme including Japanese garden, pavilion and railroad, experience studio, cityscape full of exoticism spread.

About 1,000 gregariousness forest, in total about 2,000 Japanese-Western style colored leaves reach in full bloom from mid-November through early December. In addition, we can enjoy light up of maple for from Saturday, November 16, 2019 to Sunday, December 1.

Japanese garden which spreads to surround iris ka pond. It is fantastic whether scenery that maple lighted up is reflected in the surface of the water is atmospheric.

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[Shuzenji rainbow town] Spot information is this


Famous temple with a venerable history which it is said to that was opened about 1,200 years ago by the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher. Pleasure that hot spring flows out of mouth of dragon of small pavilion with water and ladles is Shuzenji Onsen birthplace Nara.

As for the time of colored leaves, is usually for a limited time at closed Shuzenji garden "Tokai first garden"; showcase (from Thursday, November 21, 2019 to Monday, December 2).

Famous garden which old historic temple of Izu appropriate for the name that was accompanied because the Emperor Taisho was said "to be garden of the Tokai first" on seeing this garden for the Crown Prince era protected, and told. Usually come by all means at this opportunity as you can see only from inner room of study.

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Shuzenji hot-spring resort

■Katsura Bridge
Bridge painted in red which is built over Katsuragawa drifting to center of Shuzenji Onsen. "We are bound together and are alias also called bridge", and is there benefit of love?

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■Narrow path of bamboo forest
Narrow path which is full of taste that is good if we call "small Kyoto of Izu." We sit on big circular bamboo bench and can enjoy autumn colors relaxedly. Light up is beautiful, too.

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■Hot water of Tokko
The Shuzenji Onsen birthplace to reach when the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher hits rock with Tokko mallet and gave hot spring. Bright colored leaves shine in triangle roof.

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[Amagi area]


Showanomori where Roadside Station is full of nature which "goes over Amagi", and spreads in the outskirts. There is "information building of forest" "Izu modern literature Museum" "Izu Peninsula Geopark Amagi visitor center" in site, and we are colored at time of colored leaves by red and yellow.

We can thoroughly enjoy tea and cake while colored leaves Festival being held for from Friday, November 1, 2019 to Saturday, November 30, and looking at colored leaves in courtyard of Izu modern literature Museum.

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Eight orders pond

Beautiful pond which is also called "eyes of Izu" among rich nature. We were considered to be crater lake of the Amagi crater before, but it is revealed that it is fault lake where water by gap of active fault of slope of Mount Amagi, and there was, and it is in geo-site of Izu Peninsula Geopark.

Virgin forest where beech or himeshara grow thick spreads out in the outskirts and is known as paradise of wild bird. Hiking course that can enjoy rich nature is popular and, if the weather is clear, can overlook colored leaves of refreshing eight orders pond and mountain to Mount Fuji from observation deck.

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