It is fireworks festival for sea bathing! We enjoy scenic summer Toi Onsen


It is fireworks festival for sea bathing! We enjoy scenic summer Toi Onsen

Doi who can enjoy the sea and mountain and hot spring. It drives scenic shoreline and runs by bicycle leisurely while feeling sea breeze and. Marine fireworks festival that "Doi summer festival" is held every year in August, and 2,000 every day is washed ashore at is force perfect score! In addition, let's fully enjoy summer including play with a whore and sea bathing as two different beaches of flavor are to Doi.

Doi summer festival

Niagara out of sky largest in Nishi-Izu

Three days when it is held every year at Matsubara Park that is famous for world's best flower clock, and summer of Doi swells hot.
As for the finale of every day, we carry out marine fireworks festival that 2,000 are washed ashore at. Night sky including Niagara out of sky for star mine which made an elaborate plans and 500m in width, 250m in height is sure to get impression for force becoming bright like noon!

Lottery ticket is distributed when we stay at Doi and can participate in lottery meeting that wonderful prize is and is opened a store a lot refreshment stand. On stage as for the performances such as performance, hula of the sum drum and brass band.

Holding date and time/Sunday, August 18, 2019, 19th Monday, 20th Tuesday
     19:00-21:00 (fireworks 20:30-21:00)
Holding place/Matsubara Park special venue (2656-1, Toi, Izu-shi)
Reference/0558-98-1212 (Izu-city Tourism Association Doi Branch)

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Doi beach

Family beach where is very popular with hot spring fishing boat and hot spring pools

It is famous in the Nishi-Izu where wave is quiet in Toasa's greatest beach even that the setting sun is beautiful. In beach, semicircular hot spring pool "play rabu hot water ..." approximately 10m in diameter is established in six fishing boat "Toi Onsen circles" with bathtub which met hot spring, adjacent Matsubara Park and is popular among families. Shower and dressing room are free, and the use is OK.

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Odoi beach

White sandy beach and little-known spot beach where features a feeling of private

About 2km, white sandy beach and quiet atmosphere such as private beach are attractive from center of Toi Onsen to the north. Water is pure, too, and transparency is high, too and can enjoy fishing and play with a whore as there is rocky place beside beach. Shower and dressing room are free, and the use is OK. Little-known spot-like area that to be nearby, and the accommodations are approximately ten and can enjoy hot spring and seafood.

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Thank you for your Doi special product city

Local fresh vegetables and ice are popular

Is very close to Matsubara Park, oar of footbath "Kogane-no-Yu" is mark. As rent-a-bicycle goes at adjacent tourist information center, what run in along the shore by bicycle, and go round tourist attractions is good.

Dried fish, lunch, tokoroten processed in fresh vegetables and fruit, Doi shipped directly are sold by local farmers. "Salt milk ice" using salt which cooks seawater of Nishi-Izu for eight hours, and is done is popular.

We sell fantastic "white loquat" cultivated only in Doi. As for the flesh, it is exquisite balance of sweetness and acidity like white. It is short and is sold only at the time with about two weeks from the end of May in season.

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Toi Gold Mine

We make a tour of the cool pits in midsummer. As for the world's best huge gold bullion!

Izu ever proud of amount of production next to Kaneyama, Sado's greatest Kanayama. At experience-based popular spot to be able to enjoy visit to gallery or gold dust collecting now.
Life-sized dolls reproduce work scenery at the time in the pit. Natural air conditioner that temperature of the pit is warm as for the depth of winters, and midsummer is cool.

At museum, we display gold bullion of 250 kg, current price one billion more than 200 millionmillion yen of Guinness authorization and gold bullion of 12.5 kg, current price more than sixty million yen. We can touch directly. We are surprised at feeling of weight and the cold touch of pure gold!

It is full of "money", and small size of a book cookie and gold leaf castella, souvenir and gourmet including pure gold ice-cream cone are fun, too.

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Cape lover

Power spot of love that beautiful scenery spreads through

Power spot of happiness that "love call bell" is placed in observation deck with Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay as sweep of the eye, and it is said that we have thought realized when we call the name of people loving and sound bell three times.

Person who came by couple takes "lover declaration certificate" issuing in stand, Stella house (pay) in commemoration of trip. Married couple has privilege such as congratulatory telegram arriving happily. In addition, we can hold wedding ceremony in observation deck excellent at scenery.

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