We feel relieved in nature apart from the noise! Recreation & cafe which adult enjoys


We feel relieved in nature apart from the noise! Recreation & cafe which adult enjoys

It is active and plays in recreation facilities and relaxes in good cafe of view and enjoys craft beer and wine and……. In Izu-city that clean river flows through the area among the mountains, variation of way of enjoying is abundant. While we are wrapped in refreshing air, we forget time, and let's dispel everyday fatigue.

Middle Izu winery chateau T.S

Winery resort where very large vineyard spreads out

Compound resort facility where vineyard spreads through all over the hill. Mount Fuji is seen on the other side of vineyard on fine day, and refreshing scenery spreads.

As hotel and hot spring, horseback riding facilities are added to very large site other than winery and shop, restaurant, we can enjoy as well as getting and back in a day on holiday of stay type.

Winery is available for visit. We can see processes to fill bottle with wine depending on time.

At restaurant, fitting dishes are provided by wine. We can enjoy lunch and dinner for elegant feeling while enjoying scenery to see Mount Fuji on day when it was fine.

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Bakery & Table east prefecture

Look at green of garden, footbath nitsukarinagarahokkori

Bakery & cafe in resort "east prefecture and Resort & Spa-Izu" of Yoshina Onsen. We can taste bread which was baked using domestic wheat and homemade yeast whether it is full of flavors at the shop and terrace seat, counter seat with footbath.

Sunshine filtering through foliage looks at green from terrace seat where feeling is good for, and wisteria trellises are in full blossom in the late April and early May.

About 30 kinds of bread is prepared, and, as for bread and the drink, takeout is OK, too. "Grill doc set" of hot sand + deep frying length potato + drink which put sausage of special order in congenial vans is recommendation.

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Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji

Beer studio along clear stream which can thoroughly enjoy various taste

Brewery of popular craft beer "Bayard beer." We make beer which "we were particular about using hop which we sometimes brought up in-house in mountain village overlooking the Kano River naturally".

We can drink regular beer approximately 20 kinds in tap room on the third floor. Carry-on of snacks is free, too. There is beer deck to be able to taste while seeing the mountains of Izu.

While was surrounded naturally, large-scale factory with the brewing facilities of the highest quality. We hold the factory tour tour on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (given priority to reservation).

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amagi sky adventure

It is great adventure of throb in forest of Amagi Heights

Outdoor leisure to enjoy attraction set up around a maximum of 8m above the ground using hinokis growing wild in Amagi Heights.

Across 206m in total length, bridge and climbing panel of unstable rope, we challenge all 14 kinds of attractions.

As we wear lifeline and helmet and experience, we can play safely both children and adults. 120cm tall or more, we can experience in 120 kg in weight or less.

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Jet terrace & Dog

We are refreshed on terrace overlooking rural scenery

We open in December, 2015. Cafe that it was added well-established candy confectionery founded in 1882 to "jet of exit." Rural scenery spreading outside lets you forget the noise of town at terrace seat.

In the shop using pure materials, mind softens for rural scenery to expect from window with warm atmosphere.

We can taste lunch plate and curry using local product of Izu, Japanese-style French toast.
Waffle for doggy provides pet companion by welcome, too.

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