We take a walk through Shuzenji hot-spring resort full of emotion of the sum leisurely


We take a walk through Shuzenji hot-spring resort full of emotion of the sum leisurely

Cityscape which it is located in the valley which is full of green, and is full of taste along Keisen is called Shuzenji with "small Kyoto of Izu". Shops such as hideout scatter in historical spot and building, back alley, too. Various photogenic spot including bamboo forests that the murmuring of Keisen and railing of red bridge, vivid green are dazzling. In kimono and yukata, let's enjoy wet taste of Japan by all means.

Town navigator slowly

We will have, at first, you rent kimono here and dress if we stroll in Shuzenji hot-spring resort.

As accessories such as yukata and kimono of abundant design, clogs, handbag, parasol, hair ornament are prepared, we can enjoy coordinates that are good to atmospheric cityscape. If possible beforehand reservation.

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Famous temple with a venerable history that it is said that was opened approximately 1,200 years ago by the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher. Hot spring flows not water from washroom Exit and can taste wet atmosphere just to walk the precincts.

Morning market is held for 21 days a month (the 4.8 moon is excluded) whenever considered to be obit of the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher, and local special product and handicraft products line up.

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Sweet spring tower

Wooden construction architecture that we see, and I seem to hate, and building is registration tangible cultural property of country in place in corner of building of well-established "Arai Ryokan."

"Tofu gelato" that "Izu 13 night ware" and straight wasabi hot from the oven which sandwiched specially made bean jam to eat a little were had topping of is recommendation.

As there is "hand hot water of monkey" of the source outside, we can refresh casually.

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Hot water/Kawarayu of Tokko

The Shuzenji Onsen birthplace to reach as we let it is filial and is touched and hits rock with Tokko mallet, and hot spring spring out of boy that the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher who visited Shuzenji washes body of ill father in Keisen.

As hot water of Tokko cannot take a bath, let's relax in adjacent footbath "Kawarayu".

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Katsura Bridge

Bridge painted in red which appears in Keisen where wig of Yoriie Minamotono and concubine brought up love in "Shuzenji story" that Kido Okamoto wrote in the Meiji era.

"We are bound together and are alias called bridge" and are popular as spot of the romance accomplishment. Perfect shooting spot where the murmuring is tasteful pleasantly, and kimono and yukata look shines in.

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Narrow path of bamboo forests

Path full of taste that we spread native rock in bamboo forests and arranged bamboo fence for. There is bamboo big circular bench near the center and can relax while it is wrapped in sound and refreshing air which leaf of bamboo can steal by wind.

Kimono and yukata shine in scenery that dignified bamboo forests lead to, and it is pleasant to look for wonderful photography point.

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Tea hermitage cotton rose

Sweets shop of old Japanese house which climbs stone stairway, and appears when we pass grave of Noriyori Minamotono. We can spend time for relaxed quiet feeling while looking at garden.

We can taste the sum of Matcha, waste sweetness with cake on season when "Matcha white ball adzuki bean" which heavy Matcha ice got on changes every month. Homemade plum juice is popular, too.

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