Three selections of experience-based spots only by Izu-city full of nature


Three selections of experience-based spots only by Izu-city full of nature

When bake pizza in nature, and harvest wasabi of specialty, and experience folkcraft in house of architecture with principal ridgepole, Izu-city which is rich variation of way of enjoying. In natural full refreshing air, we introduce spot that we can experience that we are excited about both children and adults.

Snail & Farmers Hill

Stone kiln pizza firing experience using ingredients local in nature

Facilities to be able to enjoy various experiences of the making of pizza firing, coaster, outdoor other than cafe and bar.

Popular stone kiln pizza firing experience can handcraft cloth nobashikara using stone kiln made with lava. As for shiitakes are in season other than vegetables of own house cultivation as for the ingredients having topping in spring in bamboo shoot, autumn, having mercy. When put in the kiln, and bake; pizza craftsman feeling.

Green and birdsong of trees have at terrace seat where feeling is good for if burnt brown. We can challenge wood-splitting experience to become fuel of stone kiln.

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Village of Shuzenji rainbows

Communities of architecture with principal ridgepole that can experience folkcraft

Facilities to be divided into six zones for each Canadian village, British village, theme including Japanese garden, and to be able to enjoy seasonal flower or cityscape.

In "village of artisan" which removed and rebuilt historical building more than 150 through 300 old from Gifu, we can experience handcrafting such as making paper by hand Japanese paper, ceramic art, Sue seal, woodwork.

In communities of atmospheric roof of thatch, we will touch Japanese folkcraft.

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Village (we exceed Roadside Station Amagi inner) of Amagi wasabi

Crop & wasabi pickles make wasabi made specially in Amagi

"We go over Roadside Station Amagi" and sell soaked in wasabi and wasabi miso, wasabi software with inner wasabi farmhouse company store is "village of Amagi wasabi" and can enjoy processing experience that is soaked in crop and wasabi of wasabi (advance reservations required).

Experience soaked in wasabi is homemade sake lees and bottle in mixing if we carve with wasabi from Amagi. Original wasabi pickles are completed in about 20 minutes.

Crop experience harvests in wasabi field and takes one stock home. We can thoroughly enjoy fresh wasabi which grew up with pure water.

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