We enjoy the valley beauty of Amagi while going round stage and mei* of story


We enjoy the valley beauty of Amagi while going round stage and mei* of story

It is famous for Izu-city and Amagi Pass located midmost of Izu Peninsula connecting Kawazu-cho as the stage of masterpiece "The Izu Dancer". In the Edo era, was said to be difficult place, but road and promenade are maintained now, in popular course of drive and hiking. We will feel Nature of Amagi for the five senses while remembering former scene as there is rent-a-bicycle.

Waterfall of kiyomehasu

Enka ballad Izu largest mei* who "went over Amagi", and but was sung

Izu largest waterfall who is 25m in height, approximately 7m in width that were chosen as "100 selections of Japanese waterfalls". There is waterfall museum and sightseeing center of kiyomehasu near the entrance and can taste dishes or wasabi software using wasabi, too.

As there is fishing ground of rainbow trout near waterfall and can rent pole, we can enjoy fishing casually.

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We go over Roadside Station Amagi

As for the souvenir and harvest of specialty wasabis experience!

In extensive site utilized natural forest of Amagi Pass, there are restaurants which can taste shop of wasabi farmhouse, shop of handicraft food of local mothers, hometown ingredients.

We are glad that we finish eating local taste including wasabi software and shiitake croquette a little. Harvest of wasabis and processing experience that is soaked in wasabi are possible (advance reservations required).

We can enjoy flowers and the fields and mountains grass which represent Amagi while walking promenade in one of the facilities "Amagi green garden" of Showanomori spreading around Roadside Station. Above all, rhododendron blooming for from April to June is wonderful.

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Namezawa Valley

Huge tree proud of size of 1, Amagi nestling in deep forest

Valley which was surrounded in deep forest equal to the source of the Kano River. Enjoy, and, as for the colored leaves season, beautiful taste is particularly wonderful seasonally.

There is huge tree "Taro cedar" of 450 years years old in point that we walked approximately 1.7km along the mountain stream. In prefecture-designated natural monument proud of 53m in height, there is mysterious atmosphere.

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Kyu-Amagi Tunnel

Atmospheric stone tunnel where is related to "The Izu Dancer"

Tunnel of 455.5m in total length that is the longest for road tunnel of making a rock garden. Is completed for the Meiji period, now to important cultural property of country. It does well as colored leaves spot in November.

It becomes stage of the scene where main character comes across dance girl in novel "The Izu Dancer" of Yasunari Kawabata.

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