Open Wi-Fiに関するお問合せ

It becomes exclusive form about question, consultation to this service.
Please note that, therefore, you cannot reply for inquiry about Wi-Fi terminal connection and inquiry about cell-phone setting.
Case to take several days until answer depending on contents of inquiry may not reply.
I am sorry to trouble you, but we would appreciate your understanding beforehand.

※We cannot cope with inquiry by language except Japanese

Inquiry contents

Year MON SUN Time Minute


  • This inquiry form has you fill out only for inquiry about usage of this service. About inquiry of connection method to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi setting, please note that you cannot reply.
  • We keep absolutely quiet about secret about personal information firmly.
  • *As this becomes required item, please input by all means.
  • Please fill in contact information, mail address exactly. Of case that is not accurate and entry when there is not, please note that may not cope.
  • We may have time of a few days for answer.
  • We send answer from us to customer individual for the purpose of answering inquiry. Please refrain from reprinting all or part of the contents and contents of answer for the purpose of others and being used.
  • It is trouble, but you fill out inquiry form, and please contact even customer who inquired once when you inquire again.

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