[fukuroi yayoi (good) project to stop by] Open! Stamp rally participation shop pickup [the first part]


[fukuroi yayoi (good) project to stop by] Open! Stamp rally participation shop pickup [the first part]

Commencing with light-up to color Enshu Miyama and night in front of Fukuroi Station, various event to enjoy night of Fukuroi including restaurant stamp rally which Instagram photo contest and present hit! ※On participation, please cooperate with new coronavirus infectious disease measures such as wearing of mask, sterilization of finger, securing of social distance.

[fukuroi yayoi project] From Friday, November 20, 2020 to Sunday, January 31, 2021

<< Enshu Miyama light-up >>

Law multi-mountain, kaneburisai, Yuyama temple light up. Let's enjoy unusual fantastic figure. In law multi-mountain and kaneburisai, sealed letter issued by a shogun for a limited time prepares.

※Is official site about schedule of light-up; confirmation


[law multi-mountain] Spot information


[kaneburisai] Spot information


[Yuyama temple] Spot information

<< forest light-up of station square & fukuroi yayoi >>

The fountain outskirts of the Fukuroi Station north exit, forest of fukuroi yayoi are colored beautifully. At tourist information center, is paper lantern with a bow-shaped handle of each city festival car; noisily.



<< restaurant stamp rally >>

We hold stamp rally which restaurant 53 store in the city participates in. Of Group A and Group B when eat and drink in 1 store or more each, and apply, gift certificate or crown melon hit by lot!

With, by this article, is article of [the latter part] with three houses of "IZACAFE coo-kai" "hidden snacks brag hole" "BAR MONKEY" from participation store; is introduction with three of "POPFOOD" "and others of carefree place" "taste artisan two".

※For new coronavirus infectious disease measures, there is place carrying out change of business hours and shop holiday, entering a shop restrictions.

[fukuroi yayoi project] Reference that we are assigned to this

Fukuroi-city Tourism Association 0538-43-1006

[fukuroi yayoi project] Official site

[IZACAFE coo-kai?] (Group A)

Authentic stone kiln firing pizza to taste in opening-like relaxation space

Shop which original Italian using local material including pasta and Bagna cauda can enjoy including pizza to bake in stone kiln of Naples direct import casually.


It is antiqued, and, in opening-like extensive space, settled interior calms down

Recommendation is pizza Margherita.
The outside is fragrant quickly, and the inside is sticky to bake at high temperature using firewood in about one and a half minutes. Fried condition of ingredients is exquisiteness, too and can taste good material well. We use thing having just finished being produced from Fukuroi for basil and are full of fragrances with fresh.


Royal road Margherita of Naples pizza. Lunch gains salad

Loft seat is in spacious shop, and it is fun that state to bake pizza is seen.


Family and tourist come led by woman customer, too

[IZACAFE coo-kai?] izakafekuukai
sho/868-4, Kawai, Fukuroi-shi
ei/lunch 11:30-15:00 (on L.O.13:30, Saturday and Sunday L.O.14:00), dinner 17:00-21:00 (L.O.20:00), Friday and Saturday ... 22:00 (L.O.21:00)
Rest/Monday (when you do business, there is holiday, and refer for the pivot)
P/30 stand (we can use a part of the parking lot of adjacent YELLOW HAT. In total 30)

[IZACAFE coo-kai?] Spot information

[hidden snacks brag hole] (Group A)

In hideout reflecting the image of cave, we thoroughly enjoy regional cuisine and famous sake of Akita

Hideout bar which nestles immediately in back alley from the Fukuroi Station north exit. Jazz plays in shop reflecting the image of cave and relaxes at all seat kotatsu set in the floor seats.


In calm space, adult can enjoy dishes and liquor slowly

As storekeeper is from Akita, sake such as regional cuisine of Akita not to be able to readily taste and "No. 6" "snowy Japanese nutmeg building" is prepared in Shizuoka. gyohishio, shottsuruo of Akita is recommended menu in winter when bean jam liver and milt tempura is correct to sake other than pan which we used.


Marbled basashi from Miyazaki. Sharp hotness, aftertaste with liquor of Akita of feeling fine

As the shop contains floor heater, step is warm. Of two people hook called "brag hole seat" stay, and there is seat, too, and can spend without hesitation.


Other than Akita dishes, it keeps fresh seafood, ceramic ware, deep-fried food and various menus

[hidden snacks brag hole] kakureshukouhoraana
sho/2-18, Mikadocho, Fukuroi-shi
ei/17:00-23:30 (L.O.)
Rest/Sunday (there is time raising in consecutive holidays)
P/3 stand

[hidden snacks brag hole] Spot information

[BAR MONKEY] (Group A)

Shot bar which is popular in hometown to be able to drop in at aimlessly without straining itself

Shot bar that white wall of diatomaceous earth and table of tree which we warm up, and there is calm down from the Fukuroi Station north exit in about 3-minute walk.


In chic shop other than counter seat two seats at a table

Other than cocktail and whiskey, we prepare craft beer. As there are la France and pomegranate, seasonal fruit cocktail including strawberry, and non-alcohol is available, we are glad for people who cannot hold their liquor.


Whiskey "monkey shoulder" of cocktail "Manhattan" of left/whiskey base right/Scotland

Bartender of storekeeper is from local Fukuroi. We say, "we want you usually to come by errand casually without sitting up straight". As what have you make cocktail which conveys preference, and was good for oneself is fun, look for one cup of favorite.


In spacious comfortable space, we can enjoy liquor slowly and carefully

[BAR MONKEY] Bar monkey
sho/25-24, Takaocho, Fukuroi-shi
ei/19:00 ... 1:00 (L.O. 24:00)
No P/

[BAR MONKEY] Spot information