“Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City” gains global recognition, wins awards in 5 divisions from the WHO and AFHC!


“Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City” gains global recognition, wins awards in 5 divisions from the WHO and AFHC!

At the “8th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities” held in October 2018, public-private joint initiatives to build “Healthy Cultural City” were evaluated and given recognition and awards from the WHO (World Health Organization) and AFHC (Alliance for Healthy Cities). Since declaring its intent to be “Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City” in 1993, Fukuroi-city has advanced community development for 25 years with a focus on health. Here we introduce the charm of Fukuroi, where the city and nature areas exist in harmony and people can easily and actively live in good health.

Fukuroi is a city surrounded by the blessings of nature, where tradition, history, and culture carried on from ages past remain deeply rooted to this day. Fukuroi and its residents aim to create the “Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City”, not only in terms of mental and physical health, but also making families and the community more welcoming and maintaining harmony between the city and nature.
On this occasion, 25 years of steady community development by individual residents and joint public-private initiatives to make Fukuroi a “Healthy City” have been highly evaluated and the city has won awards in 5 divisions from the WHO and AFHC.

<< WHO (World Health Organization) Recognition >>

Best Practice Award

Fukuroi, Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City: Residents work together to extend the healthy lifespan

In order for all residents to continue living healthy lives in the communities they are accustomed to, Fukuroi has undertaken activities that support the health promoting activities of residents, held health lessons in cooperation with healthy exercise supporters, and offered dietary guidance given by health promotion dietary advisors.

Promoting food education activities with participation from food producers and healthy eating habits using school lunch

Fukuroi promotes food education by actively incorporating safe and secure local food into school lunches. The city also promotes the formation of healthy eating habits tied to producers in the community, using locally grown vegetables, adding more vegetables to the diets of children, invigorating local economies, and providing allergen-free school lunches.

<< AFHC (Alliance for Healthy Cities) Awards >>

Creative Development Award

Community Development for Fukuroi to be Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City

In order to realize Fukuroi’s intent to become Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City, these initiatives were built on the 3 pillars of “healthy body and mind,” “healthy communities and society” and “healthy city and nature.” The city promotes community development by formulating Japan’s Healthiest Cultural City ordinances and organizing collaboration between residents and the government.

Aiming for no damage to human life: The community takes the lead in disaster prevention

Fukuroi has promoted disaster prevention measures (community development) together with all residents, including the construction of “Inochiyama” (Mountain of Life), construction of flood levees, and holding workshops decided as a result of deliberation with local residents. The city aims to be a safe and secure place where anyone live comfortably, protected from natural disasters.

Progress Award [Good Infrastructure Award]

Evaluation of Progress as a Healthy City

This process evaluation is based on a checklist. It includes activities focused on community centers, such as the construction of the General Health Center opened in 2015.