Over historical power spot "Enshu Miyama" benefit


Over historical power spot "Enshu Miyama" benefit

In Fukuroi-city that a lot of old historic temples stay, law multi-mountain with history in particular, kaneburi*, Yuyama temple is called "Enshu Miyama". As "Enshu Miyama benefit circulation", these three trips around temple are popular. We enjoy charm every season including summer wind-bell Festival and autumn colored leaves and receive sealed letter issued by a shogun and……. They forget daily life in rich nature, and both heart and body improve refresh & fortune appeared in the natural phenomena!


Old historic temple which is famous as the good luck charm Kannon. There is the highlight through Setsubun, cherry blossoms, colored leaves and the four seasons and, let alone New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine, is full of many worshipers. Popular "good luck charm dumpling" is popular among souvenirs.

In law multi-mountain, it is told most with one day of benefit in one year on July 10, and garden lantern of several thousand is dedicated by "many lamps festival" on July 9 and 10. The precincts are surrounded in fantastic atmosphere, and good luck charm ground cherry fair, variety hall, live are carried out, too.

Event "Mitsuru Hoshi night" when it is held every year on the weekend of the new moon from late September through early October. We can enjoy starlit sky observation in the quiet main hall of a Buddhist temple which dropped light, and "goriyaku cafe" which cake can taste in atmosphere of the sum is full of various events including workshop of candle production.

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Specialized meditation hall of the best Soto sect in Tokai district where monk practicing asceticisms gather from the whole country. Even general person can do Zen experience and staying experiences (require reservation) such as posture of contemplation or copying of a sutra, too. Country registration tangible cultural property "god of the toilet" (lightly) made in 1937 must see it. We are polished to a bright shine and are restroom of holy atmosphere that "karasusuusamameio" (ususamamyoo) watches at the center.

Buddhist cuisine (require reservation) which uses seasonal material abundantly, and was cooked carefully wants to taste by mouthful carefully slowly.

The traditional event "Doll's Festival" in hope of healthy growth of children of Japan. "The kaneburi* Doll's Festival" is held for from January to March, and Japan is largest every year, hina decoration of 1,200 32 steps is the best part!

"Fire festival of Akiba" is held every year on December 15 with it is kaneburi* worshiping "Akiba law Bo University honorific title of a Japanese god" that is French state of fire prevention, and events such as torch journey and walk over firing, hand pipe fireworks are performed. Walk over firing is available for jumping in, too. We can receive protection of perfect state of health, looking out for fire.

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Sacred mountain Yuyama temple of eyes

Among Enshu Miyama, we have the longest history. In the old days, oil gushes out from the precincts; with the name of "Yuyama temple" ask, and is broken.

Because the Emperor Koken washes eyes in miraculous water of waterfall of lapis lazuli, and eye disease was cured, it is said that eyes have benefit. In addition, it is "holy mountain of foot" where God of kensoku was enshrined.

Many important cultural properties including the main gate of a Buddhist temple which is triple tower where Yoritomo Minamoto cost pittance to thank you for eye disease recovery, Ote-mon Gate of former Kakegawa-jo Castle remain in the precincts. Natural monument prefecture-designated as for the branches and leaves as for tree, the trunk of cedar as for the mysterious spirit of a dead person cedar called pine.

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Enshu Miyama wind-bell Festival


We hold event that wind-bell is displayed in place of all Enshu Miyama as summer feature of Fukuroi (from June to August).

Law multi-mountain

Thing called "wind-bell" (fuutaku) by every direction of the eaves of temple and tower in malarial air meaning that is is hung in temple. This wind-bell is informed with origin of wind-bell, and it is thought that evil is not caused as for the earshot sound of wind-bell.

Yuyama temple

During event period, we sell summer-limited sweets including Enshu Miyama at each site in city. With cool tone of wind-bell, he/she gets over heat.

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