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Qingdao north district interchange center aojimakitachikukouryuucenter Address: 〒 426-0072 14-1, Minamiaraya, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-645-2300 Qingdao north district interchange center There is Qingdao north public hall in new residential quarter around business district and Surugadai of the "JR Fujieda Station" north side, and there are municipal institution General Hospital and health center, the community culture facilities including Shida district government trace in the outskirts. Aiming at public hall activity that took root in area as "place of contact of local people", have child building function; "open space is added with a smile, too", and perform interchange business of many various places from infants to elderly person.
■Holding of lifelong learning lecture, hall duties for rent
■Grants of (resident's card, family register, seal registration, the tax payment) such as certificates
■Payment of citizens of city tax, property tax, light vehicle tax, National Health Insurance tax
■Rental, return of book
■Child care support project

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