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The west Mashizu public hall nishimashizukouminkan Address: 〒 426-0013 2-6-8, Tachibana, Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-641-8862 The west Mashizu public hall The outskirts of public hall were areas where there was much historic information about Tanaka ruins of a castle or suburban residence of a daimyo which had the rare circular territory in the whole country and developed as center of education of Shida district. In permanent construction exhibition room in hall, we introduce historic material about Tanaka-jo Castle.
■Hall duties of public hall for rent
■Holding of lifelong learning lecture
■Grants such as resident's card copying
■Grants such as family register proof
■Grant of seal registration certificate
■Grant of tax practice certificate
■Payment of citizens of city tax, property tax, light vehicle tax, National Health Insurance tax

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