It is Times lip to the Edo era! Nostalgic Maruko & Utsunoya walk


It is Times lip to the Edo era! Nostalgic Maruko & Utsunoya walk

It is about 20 minutes by car from JR Shizuoka Station. Place that former Tokaido goes, and still leaves remains of the Edo era. "Utsunoya" that it was difficult place outstanding of Tokaido, and was described in many literary works "Maruko" who was opened in the Kamakura era, and prospered as the 20th post town from Nihonbashi. History will take a walk through narrow path full while thinking about people who ever went along this way.

Village of Utsunoya (beating)

Small village where is unrelated to the noise. Beautiful cityscape which rich nature surrounds

When we go ahead through Route 1 from Okabecho, Fujieda-shi side and we pass Utsunoya tunnel and compromise with sideway immediately, time scenery that seemed to skid appears for past. Way where way where stone pavement was spread was ever full of travelers who went Tokaido very much. Signboard of name which we raised in edge of the eaves leaves feature at the time of going.

Pay tunnel (free now) first Japanese in "the tunnel of Meiji" to tie Shizuoka-city and Fujieda-city to. It was wooden at the time of construction of 1876, but we are repaired in 1904 and are built of brick. Light of lamp lighting up wall of brick is fantastic; atmosphere perfect score.

Way of atmospheric bamboo forest spreads out to former Tokaido Utsunoya Pass. From observation deck, scenery of village which does not still change in old days either among the mountains where green is deep spreads.

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Clove shop

Specialty "Tororojiru" to taste at long-established store full of emotion

Long-established store where flavor is deep, and roof of thatch in the sleeve of Maruko Bridge is drawn in "fifty-three stages of the Tokaido" of Hiroshige Utagawa.

Specialty "Tororojiru" meets heart and stomach of traveler in smooth refined taste without still changing in old days. We display articles daily used by people and documents conveying history of 400 rest of life.

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dai*fudoson (odatarafudoson)

Power spot where popularity, waterfall flow through morning market of 28th to every month

Of dai* there is waterfall approximately 2m in height among cedar forest innermost, and there are King Akira Fudo temple and temple of Atago size honorific title of a Japanese god where it was guardian deity of Shingen Takeda in Maruko castle on the top. Sixteen Disciples of Buddha images form a line on both sides of waterfall, and heart is inquired into for clean flow. 28th is fair, and local vegetables and morning market selling flower stand by roadside every month.

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We experience folkcraft inherited in Shizuoka

Experience-based facilities which can learn traditional industry close of Shizuoka inherited from Tokugawa era.

In experience-based studio which is main facilities, production experiences such as Suruga bamboo fine stripe work and wasen, ceramic art, lacquerware are possible.

There are display of work and sale of traditional craft of Shizuoka, too, and various events are held, too.

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