"History of fujinokuni global environment museum" around the past, the present, the future of Shizuoka thorough dissection!


"History of fujinokuni global environment museum" around the past, the present, the future of Shizuoka thorough dissection!

Museum which commentary sentence moderates power of specimen, document daringly carefully in "the history of fujinokuni global environment museum" which renovation does school building of prefectural Shizuoka south high school, and was made, and enjoys "we think" with the staff. It is unique, and classroom and desk, how to use school equipment including chair are fun, too. The way of display is devised very much, and joy to know new thing while being excited is felt. We pick up state in hall full of such senses of fun!

When building leaving atmosphere of school enters during feeling in nostalgia before entering a building, feeling is arrogant in the nostalgia. Commencing with display method that utilized school equipment well, invention to make look interesting is put for everywhere, and what kind of feeling the next exhibition room is heart dances.

The first floor

■Exhibition room 2 fujinokuninosugata

In exhibition room 2 which is very close to entrance, we compare menace with blessings of nature which the complicated topography of Shizuoka produces and display. We are made to be startled by Japan's deepest gulf, Suruga Bay and Shizuoka with Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji, the fact some other time.

■The exhibition room 3 fujinokunino sea

A great variety of creatures which live in Japan's deepest gulf, Suruga Bay more than most deep part 2,400 meters. Specimen of larva of rare Japanese eel is must-see! Display case which stacked desk of school is fun.

■The exhibition room 4 fujinokunino earth

Food chain of "- eaten creatures to eat". Human being is no exception, and feeling of thanks to preciousness of life and thing made use of is heated.

■History of exhibition room 5 fujinokunino environment

We express balance of living of person as nature on seesaw. We will see dramatic change to - modern times in - Edo era in - Yayoi period in Jomon period. With opportunity to think about about nature lost with evolution of civilization.

The second floor

■Exhibition room 7 fujinokunino biological diversity

We display deer, mammals, birds such as wild boars, specimen of Insecta. We throb for the variety and genuine force that seems to begin to change at any moment. Creature is big than we imagined and is small, and discovery by being immediate, and seeing is interesting.

■Form of exhibition room 8 life

Fish → Amphibians → Reptiles → Birds → Frame specimen which sits down in its seat in order of mammals and evolution. As we are all genuine, let's observe other than the human bone slowly and carefully.

Detailed explanation written on blackboard is interesting.

■Illustrated book cafe

Free break space that overlooks Suruga Bay and the Southern Alps. We sit down on loose sofa and can read illustrated book in shelf freely. Coffee is provided, too (100 yen ...) and wants to enjoy encounter with illustrated book concerning global environment and creature slowly.

■Kids' room

Free kids' room that fragrance of tree is comfortable. A lot of toys of tree which can be idle in parent and child in peace.

[history of fujinokuni global environment museum] fujinokunichikyukankyoshi museum

■Telephone  /054-260-7111
■The location /5762, Oya, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
■Operating hours/10:00-17:30 (last entering a building 17:00)
■Regular holiday /Monday (in the case of holiday weekdays, the following day rest)
■Viewing charges/permanent exhibition public 300 yen, less than university student, 70 years or older is free
■30 minutes, terminal getting off is immediate by bus for beautiful Kazuhiro trough line "history of fujinokuni global environment museum" from access/JR Shizuoka Station north exit
■Parking lot /200 (free)
■HP  /https://www.fujimu100.jp/

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