[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience tea picking in Shizuoka, Makinohara-daichi!


[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience tea picking in Shizuoka, Makinohara-daichi!

One of the best tea production centers in the whole country where Shizuoka occupies 40% of Japanese green tea amount of production. Above all, it is said that tea plantation of about 5,000 hectares in Makinohara-daichi is the Japan's largest. Tea picking experience that one of popularity actually harvests tea leaves in such Makinohara-daichi. Writer W challenged with So of foreign student.

I experienced

Soong sub-boiled (so ajo)
We are from China, Henan. Student who goes to Shizuoka University laboratory from April, 2016. We are enjoying life in Shizuoka that is not seen in hometown with an ocean view.

We leave from Shizuoka-city for Makinohara-shi!

Tea and theme park "Gurinpia Makinohara" of health where it is in large tea plantation of Makinohara-daichi to go this time.
Popularity spreads out to visitor from foreign countries recently at close place from Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport from Tomei Expressway Makinohara IC for about seven minutes.

In large tea plantation, we experience tea picking promptly

Makinohara-daichi where fixed tea plantation spreads through height like waist is sunny and can expect Mount Fuji on fine day, too. That tea picking experience is possible from late April through early October in "Gurinpia Makinohara" and cultivates by adjusting time.

One which is recommended in the case of tea picking experience rental (tea daughter clothes rental 500 yen.of tea picking clothes Only adult woman wears; number advance reservations) for a limited number required. We have kimono of cloth with splashed pattern, yellow obi dress in red apron, light blue cover of the back of the hand, gaiter and colorful, pretty clothes.
※There is free type that we just put on for man and children.

Toward tea plantation, tea picking starts promptly!
Tea-leaf is called "one core budding" and picks up part of the former bud and two pieces of lower leaves. As we can easily pick up by hand, power is not necessary. Let's challenge while enjoying the touch, fragrance of tea plant and leaf.

Tea picking experience is available for take-out as much as we picked up for 30 minutes.

As there are recipe and utilization using tea leaves, souvenir of sencha, we can enjoy tea after having returned to home.

As there is "tea lesson" that how to serve tea can learn, people having time participate and?

Is with "tea classroom experience" 510 yen for adults, cake, time required about 30 minutes

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

"We still remember joy at the age of crop clearly! We knew that we picked up newborn, soft "one core bud" and made the first picked tea of this year. When it is small, we are similar to experience that took head of cotton with grandmother in China. Friend who can talk in the neighbor is very fun though it is time and troublesome work if.
This time "having picked up how long" With "is so wide, and the second tea, third-grade tea will be over by when" a few writers who just met before when of tea daughter became sister. After all, in Nature, we felt when contact with people was good." (So)

As for the factory tour that the making of tea can learn

In the first floor, "factory producing again" finishing "Makinohara history room" and tea leaves as products keeps tea on the second floor "roasted tea factory"
We can observe process before tea leaves including "solid automatically cold warehouse" being shipped as products with real machine or panel

In "factory producing again", we are surprised at state that unexpectedly big machine works unintentionally!

Products include many processes before we are put on sale, and it actually turns out that it is built up carefully.

We can sample freshly brewed tea

In direct sales store "dosantokohayarihinkan", we can sample tea which instructor Japanese green tea with deep knowledge about tea served. We can hear interesting story including difference of tea which is favored in how to serve delicious tea and tea and foreign country which are favored in Japan.

"Deep steaming tea" steaming tea leaves longer is popular in Shizuoka. With dark green, we can enjoy taste, bitterness, bitterness in a good balance. That, as for short "we play *jo tea" of steamed time, of popularity toward China which we often enjoy with fragrance. It is diversity including color, fragrance, taste with the same tea.
(operating hours 10:00-17:00)

With "gem building", souvenirs such as sweets using tea are prepared let alone tea leaves abundantly, too. As there are tea sets, we look for while tool talks with people whom there is not here though we want to drink tea at home and?

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

"Staff including uncle who trained, tea of staff that older sister in charge of guidance and brother of souvenir shop, figure which made tea were cool to be dishes such as work of art at all was able to show feelings to each tea casually! Smile to report thought to tea hard was very attractive, and the original intention of the time when I just studied in Japan revived. We think that seriousness to Japanese work and feelings to traditional culture, technique are wonderful." (So)

We are proficient in dishes which are full of tea

We can taste original tea dishes of the chef de cuisine whole body in "mitokogambihara". "Tea princess set 1,512 yen" that popularity combined seasonal ingredients of Shizuoka with tea break. Nutrients such as tea-leaf tempura, carotene or dietary fiber which are left to tea leaves only by drinking including green tea side are healthy dishes which they can eat entirely.
(operating hours 11:00-14:30, 18:00-21:00 requiring reservation than ten people at night)

It is chance for chef de cuisine to show what he/she can do how you control that because tea-leaf changes color when we continue adding heat, and bitterness appears. In addition, by season, chipped ice and tea shabu-shabu hot pot of green tea comes up, too.

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

"It finished this experience, and it was "to return early, and to want to tell family and friend splendor of today's encounter and tea!" that I felt strong. We thought that we wanted to give all delicious tea which we drank here. For me, tea was like letting you think about the life. When we do such an experience to drink delicious tea by all means if everybody comes to Japan, and to meet fantastic people, how about??" (So)

●Experience-based excellent/tea picking experience
●Facilities name/Gurinpia Makinohara
     Glyn peer firewood field
●In tea plantation of contents/Makinohara-daichi, we experience tea picking
●Weekdays 11:00 ... of date and time/late April and early October, Saturday and Sunday, celebration 11:00 -, 14:00 ... Each time about 30 minutes. Rain out.
●Rate/820 yen for adults, primary schoolchild 720 yen (with souvenir of sencha). As for the clothes rental, +500 yen, the factory tour are free.
●From reservation method/telephone, FAX, HP
Prearranged telephone call connection