We know Fujieda-city

The long, narrow city of Fujieda stretches north to south in the center of Shizuoka Prefecture. Looking out on the Akaishi Mountains (Southern Alps), the city is blessed with a rich natural environment in the form of water, flowers, and greenery, centered on the Seto River, a pristine stream that flows through the center of the city. At Rengejiike Park, which has beautiful trellises for the city flower wisteria, a “Wisteria Festival” is held every year when the wisteria starts to bloom in mid April to early May. The city is also unique for its “Asara” culture, as people eat ramen from early in the morning. The district known as Okabecho, which developed as a post town on the old Tokaido road, is now famous as a Gyokuro (refined green tea) production region.