Introducing IZUPASS

SHIZUPASS (shizupasu)

IZUPASS is the official portal site of the public free LAN project "Shizuoka Wi-Fi Paradise" promoted in the Izu region of Shizuoka Prefecture (Numazu, Mishima, Izunokuni, Izu).
It is a Wi-Fi tourism site for inbound tourists ((Multilingual) to easily search on maps for free local government Wi-Fi spots in the Izu area and tourism information after landing.

Wi-Fi Spots Tourism Spots
Mishima-shi 33 80
Numazu-shi 18 95
Izunokuni-shi 61 233
Izu-shi 27 81

About public wireless LAN business by each local government

  • Point out Izunokuni-shi public wireless LAN business

    IZUPASS (izupasu) Free Wi-Fi that Izunokuni-shi sets up is the following SSID. Free Wi-Fi is available at notice point of sticker of upper figure.

    Izunokuni-shi "IZUNOKUNI_FREE_Wi-Fi"
    *SSID varies among installers

    Department of Mayor of Izunokuni-shi government office strategy policy promotion section
    〒410-2292 340-1, Nagaoka, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka

  • About Mishima-shi public wireless LAN business

    Mishima Wifi In Mishima-shi, we maintain free public wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) which is usable in the city for the purpose of convenience improvement of citizen and tourist from home and abroad.
    Free Wi-Fi to install of Mishima-shi is the following SSID.

    Mishima-shi "MISHIMA_FREE_Wi-Fi"

    Mishima-shi industry Fisheries Promotion Department business and industry sightseeing section
    〒411-8666 4-47, Kitatamachi, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka

  • About Numazu-shi public wireless LAN business

    Numazu WiFi In Numazu-shi, we push forward maintenance of "NUMAZU FREE Wi-Fi" for tourist coming from citizen and the suburbs, foreign territory to provide comfortable information and communication environment. FREE Wi-Fi is service that customer can connect to the Internet free using information terminal (smartphone, tablet, PC) you have.

    We enlarge available FREE Wi-Fi environment casually and aim at improvement of convenience of customer.
    Free Wi-Fi to install of Numazu-shi is the following SSID.

    Numazu-shi "NUMAZU_FREE_Wi-Fi"

    Sightseeing in Numazu-shi industry Fisheries Promotion Department strategy section
    〒410-8601 16-1, Miyukicho, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka

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